Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fandom Friday: Most Quotable

This week's prompt for Fandom Friday is dedicated to most quotable or quoted fandoms. When I first read the prompt, my mind came up blank. I quote a lot of fandoms. All the time. Sometimes it depends on what which fandom I'm currently invested in or who else is with me.

However. I probably make references to Lord of the Rings or Star Wars daily. I also used to quote Doctor Who (as well as Sherlock) a lot, but since I've stopped watching it, those references don't come up as often. Here are some of the ones I can recall saying more recently. Don't judge me on why.

"What about second breakfast?"

"I'm going on an adventure!"

"A shortcut to mushrooms." 
(Honestly, no idea why I say this, but I do whenever someone says "shortcut.")

"There will come a day when [fill in the blank], but it is not this day!"

"My precioussssss..."  

"I love you." 
"I know."

"This will make a fine addition to my collection." 
(Probably talking about books. Not lightsabers.)

"Hello, there!"
"General Kenobi!"
(Don't ask because I really don't know.)

"Biting is like kissing only there's a winner."

"Hey, who turned out the lights."

"Don't blink."

"I don't have friends."

"Bored!" *shoots wall*

"Thank you. Bless you."

"I will burn the heart out of you."
(Don't. Ask.)

In general, I usually make reference to fandoms more than I quote word for word from them. Merlin, Narnia, Marvel movies... you can probably find me making references to those all the time in addition to the other fandoms I mentioned. But again, it usually depends. Sometimes I even quote from movies or TV shows I've never seen, only know from the Internet. Like Sirius Black saying, "I've done my time. Twelve years of it. In Azkaban." (Which is actually quoted wrong here since he really says, "I've done my waiting.") For a long time, I said that, for whatever reason, and I hadn't seen any of the Harry Potter movies. Now that I've seen them, I feel less fake referencing it. I also like to say, "You fugly" when referring to something ugly, which comes from Supernatural.

I also say this a lot.

My life is basically just one reference after another from fandoms, though usually Lord of the Rings takes the cake with the most. Everything comes back to Lord of the Rings, it seems. My life is just one long phase of Lord of the Rings.

(And don't even get me started on all the musicals I randomly sing in my head as I go about my day.)

What are some your most quotable fandoms? Link-up with us at The Fangirl Initiative!

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