Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Assassin's Daughter Cover Reveal

Hello, friends! Today is a very big day!

My fellow Fangirl Initiative writer, Jameson C. Smith, is releasing a book in February called The Assassin's Daughter. And as a special build-up for the release, I'm helping her reveal the cover. I've never done a cover reveal before, so this is super exciting! Are you excited?

Here's a quick blurb for The Assassin's Daughter:
For most of her life, Katira has trained to take on the role of assassin. While it’s far from the life she would have chosen, the law known as the Inheritance Proclamation dictates that she must follow in her father’s profession. At seventeen, she’ll be expected to use her training on a real assignment any day. 
When new information about an old fugitive brings questions about Kat’s past to light, she must make a choice: Prove her loyalties to the Tederan Order and their laws, or become a fugitive to search after answers she may never find.
Exciting right? In addition to the blurb, here's an extra-special quote from the story that is only available on this blog.

Oooh, intriguing. I like when characters are strong and can prove it. In addition, Jameson is hosting her own sneak peek of the first chapter on her blog. So check it out!

Now for the cover reveal. Are you ready?

Are you sure????

Without further ado, I present to you the cover for The Assassin's Daughter:

Ta-da! Isn't marvelous? The color scheme is great. I know I'm intrigued, especially because of those purple arrows.

Remember, more fun stuff is happening over on Jameson's blog, including more quote graphics on several other blogs and a sneak peek of the first chapter! You should check it out. Mark your calendars for February 14th when The Assassin's Daughter releases digitally, and the paperback version will release soon after. It's going to be a very big day!

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