Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tolkien Lover Book Tag

This really cool person named Kristen runs a writer's advice (?!?) website and also her own personal blog! And she decided to make her own book lover's tag all about... Tolkien!

Basically, I saw her post, cried a lot, and knew deep in my hobbit heart I would participate. Because I love Tolkien and Middle-earth and the whole shebang. So basically, she presented a set of questions about Tolkien, answered them, and then challenged us (her readers) to complete the tag and spread the word faster than the Nazgul fly (or something).

How this works: I will answer the questions (and link back to Kristen's original post) and then tag a few people to also answer the questions and link back to me and Kristen. Got it? Good.

So here I am, ready to take the hobbits to Isengard (Isengard-gard-gard-gard). Well, not really because I don't want them to end up in Saruman's clutches. Maybe we'll just take a long walk to the Lonely Mountain or maybe just down to the Green Dragon for a pint.


1. The Lord of the Rings is Tolkien's most famous work. But did you read the books or see the movies first? What are your opinions on each?

When I was about nine, my brother challenged me to read The Hobbit within a year (because I had boasted that the book wasn't that long). I didn't win that challenge. I may have started the book, but I know I never finished it within that year. So technically, I saw the movies first (especially since I didn't read Lord of the Rings before the movies). I do remember watching a VHS copy of The Fellowship of the Ring and hiding behind the couch whenever Gollum shows up in Moria. He was terrifying.

Overall, I adore the books and I enjoy the movies. Okay, I more than enjoy the movies. I love them. While there are things from the books I wish they could have included (the Battle for the Shire, Glorfindel) or done differently (well, there's a lot), I think the movies did a fantastic job bringing the story to life and introducing it to people who otherwise wouldn't have read the books. Every time I read the books again, I discover something new; it's marvelous.

It's kind of been a crux of my childhood and journey as writer.

Basically my life

2. Who is your favorite member of The Fellowship? Does this person differ from your favorite Lord of the Rings character in general?

Samwise Gamgee. He is, and always will be, my favorite character. But I adore so many members of the Fellowship for different reasons. (It's so difficult to choose!) But Sam is just a sweetheart and loyal to a fault. He's probably also my favorite character overall (I cry about him often), but again, there are other awesomazing characters like Eowyn and Faramir and Galadriel.

3. Now for some fun! If you could be any character from The Hobbit, which would you be and why?

If I could be anybody, I would want to be Eowyn. (Fun fact: My dad tried twice to convince my mom to name one of their children Eowyn. Just think, that could have been my name!) Eowyn is awesome. She's regarded as one of the greatest female characters ever (at least, I think she is). She kicks butt and also learns a deep lesson about war, while keeping true to herself.

There is also this scene...

But if we're going to be honest, I'm 100% Bilbo Baggins. (Sneaks around the house, refuses to answer the door, eats a lot of food, wants adventure but also to stay home with books and comfort and food. But mountains, Gandalf! Mountains!)

Actual footage of me

Unless I'm with a close friend. Then we totally turn into Merry (me) and Pippin (her).

Shenanigans and all 

4. Tolkien's work goes beyond The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Have you ever read any of his other books? How about books about Tolkien?

I have read The Silmarillion, which was fantastic, and The Children of Hurin. I also have a book called Letters from Father Christmas, which is a compilation of photocopied letters he wrote for his children as if they were from Santa. It's adorably weird. That's all I can say. I have several of his other works (Unifinished Tales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), but I have yet to read them in completion. I have a single shelf on one of my bookcases dedicated to Tolkien and Lewis (with a little bit of George MacDonald thrown in).

I really want to read his version of Beowulf and The Fall of Arthur. Basically, anything he wrote.

I've read a few books here and there about him because I took a class on Tolkien and Lewis and I wrote several essays in college about him (one specifically on his creation of Elvish). But I'm definitely interesting in reading more about him.

5. Let's talk romance! Pooling from all of Tolkien's work, which two characters do you ship together most?

Gollum and the Ring? (Just kidding.)


I mean, I pretty much love all the couples that are canon already. I didn't really have a choice in deciding who I thought should end up with who. Beren and Luthien's story is beautiful. Arwen and Aragorn are gorgeous. Faramir and Eowyn are perfect. And Sam and Rosie are just so stinking adorable I can't even handle it. I ship them all.

(But sorry, best BROTP is Legolas and Gimli.)

6. Alright, alright. We all have at least one thing from Tolkien's work that makes us waaaay too giddy and excited. Something that we could talk about for days. What's yours?

I just love all the little bits about how Tolkien developed Middle-earth and the story. Like how when he started he knew about Tom Bombadil, but Aragorn was a shock. Or that he had inklings (pun intended) of areas of Middle-earth but not the whole picture.

And the fact that any of this even exists is because Tolkien loved words and languages and created his own language (Elvish) and decided to create a world and people to speak the language!!! WHO DOES THAT? Who creates a language and then decides to create a world to speak that language? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Not if you're name is John Ronald Reul Tolkien.

The Challenge:

-Kristen @ Coffee and Literary Rage
-Victoria @ Wanderer's Pen
-Jameson @ Lovely Whatsoevers
-Sarah @ On Another Note
-Anna @ If you ever get a blog, you fool of a Took! :D

Also don't forget, tea is a four. Don't bother knocking!


  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Thank you for taking part in the tag, Jamie. I LOVED your answers. Like so, so much. Because you're a total Tolkien nerd and that's my favorite kind of person. ;)

    Your Isegard-gard-gard-gard reference had me cracking up. I totally forgot about that video! And that Tolkien quote about Tom Bombadil and his worldbuilding and all that? Totally one of my favorite *squeee* things. Gah! Creating this tag was a mistake because now I'm going to be distracted by my own fangirling for ages. Haha!

    1. Hahah! I was stoked when I saw your post, so I'm glad you were able to see my answers in reply. :)))

      Tolkien Nerds are the best kind of people. :D (And no shame about fangirling. No shame at all.)

  2. You have designated shelves for Tolkien and Lewis too!? :)

    I've always been impressed by the amount of worldbuilding Tolkien put into his work. So much detail, and so. many. languages.

    Thanks for tagging me! I can't wait to do this one. :)