Saturday, September 24, 2016

French Fries Are Better Than People

You know that feeling when you're surrounded by tons of people but no matter what you do you still feel like you're saying the wrong thing or acting the wrong way. You're like that one french fry or nacho chip without cheese and bacon and whatever other glorious globs of gloop are scooped perfectly atop the mound of greasy goodness. You're left out no matter how hard you try to fit in. You just don't make the cut. But then you find mutual friends because of randomly, bizarrely, happenstancely you end up in the same college classroom as three people that just happen to have the same interests and sense of humor as your golden self. Because it's not so simple as trying to fit in and making it work. It just happens and suddenly you find yourself in a car with people on a dark, country road laughing about stars and musicals and what it means to grow up and break free from this overbearing shell that says you must fit in and you must make people like you. In the end, you don't make people like you because of trying to say the right thing or make the right action. In the end, you don't always get to choose perfectly how you find friendship. You just dip your hand into the pile of french fries and pull out that shoestring potato covered in sour cream and melted cheese and you hope the gloop is as good as it looks. But what is better than a life full of adventures with people you don't have to impress or worry about all the little tics about you. Because when someone important to you tells you something about yourself you never realized or you didn't actually like, you rethink that part of yourself. You begin anew. You wipe yourself clean of gloop and you look at yourself in a freshly cut way. And maybe instead of peeling away at all your flaws, you start to see them as something more, as something someone loves, as something that makes you "you," and life becomes a little better. Because you don't have to pretend or overthink or rethink or analyze every sentence or hand motion. You can just be your golden self. And all because you decided to enroll at a college in a specific area of study at a certain time when you'd be placed in a course that felt pointless and miserable until you realize without that, you would never have found the best french fries in the whole fryer.

Either way, french friends with friends is better than potatoes with people.