Saturday, September 3, 2016

Comic Book Conglomeration #3

The amount of comic books I still need to read is pretty ridiculous. I've had two stashed in my room for almost a month and have yet to crack open the pages. I just ordered another through the library, and more are being released that I want to read right now! It's a problem, I know.

Here's what I've read most recently.

Fear Itself by Matt Fraction

I'll admit I picked up this comic because it was by Matt Fraction. I wanted to read more of his writing beyond Hawkeye and The Defenders. This comic book was crazy. There was a lot packed into the eight issues that make up this arc. A lot of sad events happened. The premise revolves around Sin, the new Red Skull, who finds the Hammer of Skadi, lifts it, and becomes Skadi, Herald of the Serpent. (I know, I'm confused too.) Basically, she unleashes a lot of stuff that devastates the world and the heroes, some of them turning into rampaging, powerful war generals that feed off fear.

The thing with this comic is that there are a lot of characters from across Marvel comics that come together. There's a lot of mythology spread throughout the comic as well. In addition, this is only the main story of the Fear Itself arc. There are more in-depth comics related through the heroes' own comic issues. I wouldn't recommend this to comic newbies for those reasons. It's hard to keep track of all the characters and events.

However, I think if you're a seasoned Marvel comics reader, this is probably a story you wouldn't want to miss out on. And it might be worth looking into reading the other volumes that go with it. It's pretty devastating and sad, but I think it's also powerful and incredible. Take this one slow. Read it so you understand; don't rush. Let yourself have time to process the entire story. Also, Marvel? Please don't ever make this into a movie adaptation.


Attack on Titan Vol. 18-19 by Hajime Isayama

I've been a fan of Attack on Titan for over two years now. Isn't that crazy? While I watched season one of the anime first (the only season we have *shakes fist*), I wanted to read the manga to find out what's in the dang basement. Nineteen volumes in, I still don't know what's in the basement. But I've been enlightened about other things from this world that aren't revealed in the anime (yet).

Attack on Titan is a story about the survival of humanity. The last of the humans live within walled cities, hiding from Titans: giant, humanoid creatures that feed off humans with no significant reason. Soldiers are trained to fight the Titans to protect the walled cities, but there is much more going on than anybody seems to realize...

Volume 18 and 19 in particular were just as exciting as ever. Previously the story had diverged a little from Eren Jaeger, which was okay but not my favorite. But now we're back on track with Eren and the rest of the Scouting Legion as they try to make their next move against the Titans. Let's just say, it was very exciting and scary and exhilarating. Volume 18 made progress toward recovering the basement and amplified my adoration for Eren and Armin's friendship. (I'm not crying; I'm definitely crying). Volume 19, however, was insane. I have no words for the ending except: "LEAVE ME TO DIE. WHAT IN THE WORLD JUST HAPPENED."

Basically: I need Volume 20 right now!! Curse you English translations!

Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year 4: Vol. 2 by Brian Buccellato

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a DC comics series that prequels the video game. After Superman, drugged by Joker, kills Lois Lane and his unborn child, he snaps. He becomes a dictator-like guardian of Earth, interfering with anything and everything in order to make "peace." However, this peace is fragile, and he ends up taking more lives as the Justice League splits in half and some heroes--like Batman--try to stop his reign. Overall, it's an intriguing, yet devastating, story arc, and it's not finished yet.

I've read up to year four of the Injustice comics so far. And I've liked what I've read. The concept of Superman essentially turning morally gray in order to keep peace is interesting and unique. Throughout the four years so far, there have been a lot of characters to come in and out, assisting the two sides of heroes in this fight. We've seen magicians like Constantine, Greek Gods like Poseidon, and the entirety of the Green Lanterns. There are a lot of characters and a lot of events.

Which is why Year Four Volume 2 started to feel like it was dragging. I understand they planned to do five years worth of Team Batman trying to stop Team Superman, but at this point, nothing has changed. Neither side has gained over the other, and it's becoming... tiring. I want something exciting to happen that gives hope that Batman's side can win. Because right now it seems pretty hopeless. I'm also tired of Superman being evil and stupid. I understand he lost Lois, but I just don't want my precious alien cinnamon roll to hurt himself or others anymore.

Great concept, but it needs more drive now. Plus, this is the only time I will ever side with Batman over Superman. (I can't even believe I'm saying this!)

What comic books have you read recently?

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