Friday, August 26, 2016

Book Review: Lavishly Illustrated and Interactive Edition of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

I don't know when my rapture with Peter Pan began, but it's been there for a while. I grew up watching the Disney films and the 1955 production starring Mary Martin, wishing I could fly off to Neverland so I didn't have to grow up. Almost anything relating to Peter Pan instantly becomes magical to me. I wrote an 18-page essay in college about J.M. Barrie, dressing as the part of the Boy Who Never Grows Up for my presentation. The adventure and allurement of Neverland with pirates Lost Boys and mermaids always swept me away. It still does today.

Thus when I was at a local bookstore and discovered the "Lavishly Illustrated with Interactive Elements" edition of Peter Pan by Minalima, I knew I had to have this book despite already owning two copies of Peter Pan (one being the annotated version). The cover is absolutely gorgeous, and the inside breathes to life the magic and enchantment of fairy dust and Neverland. I received the book as a birthday present this past year but only recently did I crack open the pages to fly second star to the right and straight on til morning.

The story itself is the same one J.M. Barrie published in 1911, originally called Peter and Wendy, after his stage play became a success in 1904. It follows the same well-known story of the Darling children flying away to Neverland with Peter and having all sorts of adventures with pirates, mermaids, Indians, and the Lost Boys. There are some things, I think, that differ though from the perception of Peter Pan today, especially due to the Disney version films. While Peter isn't the sweetest boy, he still is full of charm (probably due to the fact that he doesn't grow up and always has fun and is "youth and joy and the little bird that has broken out of its egg.") But all in all, it's still the same story many children have fallen in love with over the past century. Peter never grows up, and he never grows old.

This edition in particular is beautiful. The illustrations are spectacular to look at. There are so many smaller details on the pages that it's hard to take it all in with one look through. This is definitely a book to buy and relish reading. The interactive elements are fantastic as well and make me feel like a child again experiencing the magic of the story for the first time. The team at Minalima is creative and talented. I will probably buy every single classic they illustrate. I already bought The Jungle Book version, which came out this year.

Overall, the magic of Peter Pan lives on through this lavishly illustrated edition. (Isn't lavishly such a wonderful word?) I'm in love with the story and the illustrations. I will never be over the brilliance of this story or the wonder that it evokes inside of me whenever I read it or experience it in some way. I love the magic and the sense of the adventure and the danger and the adorableness and cleverness of it all. I will always be in love with Peter Pan.

Have you ever read Peter Pan? What other classic stories sweep you away?


  1. Wow! That edition is beautiful!

    I've only read Peter Pan once (I have the Signet Classics paperback, I think) and enjoyed it. I like the whimsy and magic of it. :)

    1. :D I love the magic of it too. :)

      I highly encourage if you're read the book to also read the play, just to see how it differs. I read the play first and fell in love.