Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Novel Idea: 6/14/16

Hello! I'm back again (for a third post within a week, which is amazing to be honest) for this week's A Novel Idea prompt! Seriously, if you want fun writing exercises, you should totally participate (even if the deadline has passed.)

This week the prompt is simply to describe your character without using a picture. It sounds pretty simple, right?

Yeah, no. It's actually a lot harder than I thought, especially since I usually use pictures to help me out and to showcase my lovely characters. Thus, I'm taking this week's A Novel Idea as a challenge, so I'm not going to highlight just one character, but one character from all the current WIPs (which is probably a lot). So if you haven't been introduced to some of them, here you go!

From Killian's perspective

"She wasn’t much to look at, Killian decided... a girl, not much younger than himself, shackled to a chair at the table. This was the supposed pyrate trader? There wasn’t much to her. She was tall and skinny with pale, smooth skin and short, dark hair. She kept her head bowed, her bangs hanging in front of her eyes. She didn’t move when they entered... Her eyes--which caught Killian off guard--were wide and bright, lit up by some kind of wonder. He’d only seen a few people that resembled the Crimson citizens with their contrasting hair and skin and their odd eye shape. And those had been passing visitors, never up close and personal. And none had bright eyes as if they were from Wisteria instead."

From Leezander's perspective

"The girl looked up with wide eyes. The color of stars spun in her irises, in and out, sparkling and shining. He couldn’t help but stare. Her face was smooth, complexion free of blemish except for the thin scar from the corner of her lips to her chin. Her hair, a deep shade of brown with a few streaks of red and blue mingling near her ear fell over her cheeks...He noticed her hands, which were held near her stomach, but at an odd position, angled down by the wrists. Scars, almost hidden by her shirt sleeves, brushed around her wrists. The skin on her fingers chafed; her knuckles were ripped. She smiled, her thin lips curving up so her cheek bones reached the edges of her eyes. Those starry eyes pulled at him, tugging at his gut."

From Arthur's perspective

"He stared up at the young man, who was no older than his brother John. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark clothes, the man glowered down at him with fire in his eyes...He spoke slowly, enunciating each word with the rumbling of his voice. It was deep, but it didn’t sound scary or mysterious; it reminded Arthur of John’s voice...His eyes were dark, almost black. They gleamed. He wore a long, dark trench coat with a vest and tie beneath, all black. Even the gloves on his hands were black, though Arthur didn’t know why he wore them inside or at all...The man was clean-shaven, but his hair flopped across his forehead in waves of dark shades...The man half-smiled, his eyes glittering. Arthur could almost see flames rise up in his pupils." 

From Adam's Perspective

"Her uncontrollable giggles settled down. She lay there, trying to breathe normally. Her face was red from running and laughing. Her hair was messy, and she was covered in sand. Yet the bright smile on her face, and her sparkling eyes made her beautiful."

Of course, I have many other stories, but I'll leave you with these four characters. Tell me about your characters!


  1. I loved this! Your descriptions are so, so vivid. My favorite was Serana--I'm SO intrigued by her. I want MORE!!! XD

    Thanks for linking up!!!

    1. Thank you! :)

      Serana is definitely an interesting character. I need to get to know her more too. I should probably get back to writing that story at some point. It's wild.