Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Remnants: Season of Glory by Lisa T. Bergren--Book Review

This review is about the third book in a trilogy. If you haven't read books 1 and 2, I suggest you read my double-review of those first. I've tried my best to be spoiler-free, but that is always a struggle when it comes to later books in a series.

Remnants: Season of Glory by Lisa T. Bergren continues the story of Andriana and the other Remnants at they reclaim their world from the powers of darkness and Sethos. People are continually being drawn to the Way, but the darkness hunts the Remnants, vowing to wipe them from existence. In this final book, everybody makes a choice of choosing a side in this final stand, in this final showdown between glory and oppression.

Glory. This book is called Season of Glory for a reason. Glory resonates throughout the book, in every chapter, in every scene. Glory raining down from the Maker as the Remnants use their powers to save lives. Glory shining out among the darkness, the hurt, the struggles of life. Glory rising up to proclaim the victory of the Remnants.

When it comes to the final book in a series, it's hard to not know what's coming. The author isn't going to lead us through this story only to have the beloved characters end in failure. I knew that the Remnants would succeed, and the world would step into this season of glory. But knowing that didn't hinder my adoration for this book. Instead, it propelled me to keep reading. Because for some books, it's not about the end scene (though, let's be honest, that was gorgeous), but it's about the journey to get to that ending. If the Remnants show one thing, it's the importance of the journey.

As I read, I was once more swept away into this world of swords and helicopters, super powers and knights, castles and angels. I wanted to the Remnants to succeed, to win against Sethos and his dark forces. But every scene, every chapter was another struggle, another stretch to get through. There were moments of pure joy that made me squeal with excitement. There were moments I was left speechless because of the glory spreading throughout this world. There were moments I wept next to these characters. Every moment kept me going. Even up to the last pages, I didn't know how the Remnants would make it out alive and whole. There was still tragedy, still tension, and still doubt throughout the book.

If you're uncertain in reading this because you might be able to "guess the ending" or that it'll be "the same" as every other fantasy-dystopian, guess again. This is one series that is different: both in the concept and in the ending. I urge you to give this book a try if only to experience the glory that springs from every page.

This book taught me something new, despite learning similar things for the past twenty years. It made me sit back and think about my own gifts and abilities. I don't have super powers like Andriana or Vidar or Tressa. I'm not a skilled warrior like Ronan or Bellona. I'm not royalty; I'm not an angel. But I still have gifts. I still have abilities. And this book showed me that whether it's a small gift--such a showing kindness toward someone--or a bigger gift--like being a writer or musician--I can make a difference like the Remnants. I can be a Remnant by doing something to give people hope and to give God glory.

If you shy away from this series because you feel it might be too "preachy" about God, it's not. I've grown up in church, and I hate how many Christian books in the world are unrealistic and cliche. But this is not unrealistic, this is not cliche, this is not a preachy book. It's life, and it's life full of joy, hope, and glory.


*I received this book for free through BookLook from Blink Books to give my open and honest opinion of the story, nothing more and nothing less.*

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