Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Siren's Song by Mary Weber--Book Review

*This review is for the third book in the Storm Siren trilogy by Mary Weber. I have tried my best to avoid spoilers, but if you have not read the previous books, I would advise checking out my review for the first book instead.*

About Siren's Song:
"The realization hits: we're not going to win. It's why I couldn't defeat Draewulf in Bron--because this power was never mine anyway. I drop my and let the energy die off. And turn around to face Eogan."

Nym has one last chance to stop Draewulf and save her world from darkness and destruction. But as she faces the first wave of his attacks, she begins to wonder if she has the strength and ability to stop the monster. In order to have any chance of winning, she must rally troops from her homeland and learn the secret to defeating Draewulf once and for all.

My Review:
I always find myself hesitating when I pick up the last book of a beloved series. If anything, the Storm Siren trilogy has easily jumped to one of my favorite series. I spent the first half of the book dragging my feet, hoping this wasn't the end to such a beautiful story. But then, about midway, I hit a spot that just tumbled me through the rest of the story in a fury as great as Nym's own storms. Let's just say, this book was gorgeous.

Sometimes I read a book series and the ending leaves me numb or disappointed or unable to quite decide how I felt. But Siren's Song did not do this. Instead, I finished--sobbing and laughing at midnight--and I just let out this great big sigh. I was content. I was relieved. I was left with this wondrous feeling inside of me. The story was over, completed, but I didn't feel shockingly sad. It was everything I could have wanted for an ending.

The story was full of action, romance, magic, and tension. The world building only continued to grow as Nym traveled to more lands and uncovered secrets of the world she thought she knew. The characters grew more distinct in this book. I connected to Nym in a way I didn't before. I entered this world fully as I read, and I kept hold until I hit the last page. Books don't normally evoke a physical response from me. I could sit and read, thinking a book is glorious yet make no emotion on my face, never laugh, never cry. But this book made me sob. It made me laugh out loud, it made smile like a buffoon and squeal, it made me bite my nails in anticipation.

While reading the first book, I longed to know more about many things: Nym's past, the other lands, how this world works. By the end of the third book, I had learned everything I needed to know. The final book brought together so many elements strung along throughout the three books to give it a final, solid resolution.

There is so much more I could say about Siren's Song and the rest of the Storm Siren trilogy. I could go on and on about how refreshing this story is to read these days. I could go in-depth about my love for the characters and their relationships with one another, about the world-building and magic and elements of steampunk fantasy, about the author's ability to keep my guessing up until the last pages. (I didn't guess the ending, only parts or possibilities. It surprised me until the end.) I could discuss how I love that this book series took off before the everybody else decided to write about "elemental" powers. (Good job, Mary, for being elemental before being elemental was cool. I'm going to tell people you made it cool.) I could mention how my favorite line was the very last where I choked on my own laughter while wiping away tears from my eyes.

But I'm just going to say: the world needs more YA fantasy like this. Not crazy long stories that go on and on. Not dark stories where there doesn't seem to be any hope in the end. Not kickass ladies who don't know how to embrace their gentler side in balance with their ferocity. Not romance stories where the two characters just pull out each other for their own selfish desires. No, we need stories like Storm Siren, Siren's Fury, and Siren's Song to give lovers of fantasy a breath of fresh air, a glimpse of sunlight, among the crazy YA fantasy storms.

(Is this too cheesy? Hey, whatever. These books are too special not to be cheesy.)

*I received this book for free through BookLook from Thomas Nelson publishing to give my open and honest opinion of the story, nothing more and nothing less.*

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