Friday, March 18, 2016

Beautiful People: March 2016

It's March. It's been March for eighteen days, and I've failed at keeping up with writing one blog post a week. So I'm aiming to at least get more than two blog posts in for the month. I've been faithfully writing toward my current WIP and The Fangirl Initiative, so my blog has suffered.

However, a new month means a new set of questions for Beautiful People! I'm excited, are you excited? Sometimes, it's hard for me choose which character to spotlight for Beautiful People because there are so many to choose from. However, as I read through these questions I knew exactly who to spotlight: Tiberius.

While I've introduced Tiberius before on the blog, he's never had Beautiful People all to himself. I'd say it's about time! (After all, Tiberius was the first character I truly formed in my head for this novel.) During the course of A Girl and Her Dragon, Tiberius is around the age of 34. He's an archivist for the kingdom of Greene with the task to document and organize the vaults, which have been collecting artifacts and treasure since the kingdom was first established. He's the instigator of the whole adventure since he found a dragon egg hidden in the vaults and decided to seek out other dragon eggs hidden in the world.

1. What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based them off?
Tiberius came about because my other characters needed a mentor-figure. However, I didn't want to do the typical "wizened, old man" mentor. I wanted someone younger, someone with their own "hero's journey" story arc. He knows more than the others, but he still has room to learn more. Tiberius was the first character I pictured in my head--I knew he would resemble Tom Hiddleston (both in physical attributes and some personality aspects). Educated, handsome, and ambitious.

Describe their daily routine.
On a normal day, he wakes up and gets dressed in a crisp, casual suit (dress pants, collared shirt, tie/bowtie, vest or jacket). He eats breakfast with his pupil, Fitz. Then, he goes to the castle to teach the royal children. He sits in on the council sessions as the scribe. In the afternoons, he dedicates his time to his continual work in the vaults or his research. When evening comes, he retires to his cabin to eat supper with Fitz. They settle in for the night, doing quiet and relaxing tasks such as reading or drawing. Then, it's off to bed to start again in the morning. Rarely, he stays up late to finish a bit of research. When he was younger, he did that often, sometimes losing himself to his work. But this proved to be unproductive, so he changed his routine.

If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into?
Ahahaha, he's a bit old... but he'd be on the chess club and involved with academic challenge. He'd be in all the honors classes as well. So, he'd be in the straight A-student clique.

Write a list of things they merely tolerate. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in their lives...
-pratty princes
-stupid people (as in people who run their mouth and say stupid things)
-Lord Xavier (the King of Greene)
-grumpy, old council members
-his past

How do they react in awkward silences?
He thrives in awkward silences. He learns to use them to his advantage. He could work in silence for hours. It doesn't bother him; it makes him feel smug when other people get uncomfortable.

Can they swim? If so, how did they learn? 
Yes. He grew up on a farm. His sister taught him to swim in the nearby watering holes. However, he's not a fan of swimming. He doesn't like the water as much as he used to, and he would prefer never being near large bodies of water ever again.

What is one major event that helped shape who they are?
His sister died, which left him alone and without family. Before she breathed her last, she made him promise to use his mind to support himself and not return to the Guard. This promise started him off on his journey to become a scholar. Her death also has haunted him ever since.

What things do they value most in life?
He values life. He's been in many dangerous situations with his life on the line. He values his pupil, Fitz, and would do anything to help him and keep him safe with a good future. He values education and books. He values his loyalty to his kingdom.

Do they believe in giving other people second chances? Do they have any trust issues?
Yes. He definitely does because he has had to ask for a second chance too. However, he does have some trust issues. He certainly doesn't share everything he's thinking--not even with Fitz. He doesn't particularly care for many of the people he has to interact with. He doesn't trust just anybody; a person has to earn his trust. He's led a hard life where people have left him or swindled him, so he's learned to harden his trust against people. (Plus, he's studied human nature and knows how the majority of people act, so he believes this is sufficient reason to not trust people.)

Your character is having a rough day...what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood?
He would never admit it, but talking to Fitz helps him feel better. He's quite proud of his pupil, so when he witnesses Fitz's intelligence at work, he's very happy. If he's having a rough day, he usually finds time to be alone and to work on something he cares about. It helps him calm any mixed emotions he might be feeling.

There you have it: Tiberius. If you'd like to participate in this month's Beautiful People, you can find the questions here. Let me know if you do, I'd love to hear about your characters!



  1. Tiberius seems like a cool character! I really like his name and Tom Hiddleston for the win! His professions is very interesting as well. Overall he seems very well-rounded! Best wishes writing him!

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  2. Okay, the clique question cracked me up. I guess the prompts are designed for YA. But - awkward admission - I was in the nerd clique in high school. I didn't play chess, but did academic decathlon. How embarrassing. So I can connect to Tiberius :)
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. I thought the same thing... YA contemporary, eh?

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in the "nerd" clique. I was a straight A student my entire education career. I was probably considered a nerd. :)

  3. Tiberius's already brilliant character is made all the better when I think of him looking like Tom Hiddleston... It sounds like you know him well so all the best writing him!
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    1. Thank you! And yes, the Tom Hiddleston base helps. :)