Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Diary of a Jackwagon by Tim Hawkins--Book Review

Better known for his stand-up comedy shows, Tim Hawkins continues his laughs through his book: Diary of a Jackwagon. He states in the introduction that this book is “random pieces of my comedy journal over the past twenty years. And when I say random, I mean I didn’t even take the time to arrange the entries in chronological order. You’re welcome.” This is exactly what this book is: a collection of Tim Hawkins journal entries, which shaped his comedic routine.

While I’ve heard of Tim Hawkins and seen some of his comedy on youtube or DVD, I’m not super familiar with every comedic line to come out of his mouth. Thus, I don’t know how much is similar between his book and his live shows.

But I do have to say, this book was hilarious. I usually ended up reading it in public settings and was almost in tears from holding in the laughter that demanded to come out. I’m not one to usually outward react to my reading (it’s hard for me to physically cry over books or throw it across the room). But this book had me snorting under my breath.

 Each chapter has some kind of topic yet there’s always a surprise. From marriage to parenting to crazy stories from his childhood and crazy stories from the other day, this book bumps from everything and anything related to life and living.

It’s easy to read; his style is like he’s sitting across the table talking to you. Most of the chapters are fairly short, which is perfect if you’ve only got a few minutes but you need a good laugh.

Overall, if you like good clean comedy or you’re a fan of Tim Hawkins, this book is for you. I’ll definitely be recommending it. Or you know you could sit and glare at the wall instead. You’re move.

I received this book for free through BookLook from Thomas Nelson publishing to give my open and honest opinion of the story, nothing more and nothing less.

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