Wednesday, June 10, 2015

London Tides by Carla Laureano--Book Review

Irish photojournalist Grace Brennan travels the world’s war zones documenting the helpless and forgotten. After the death of her friend and colleague, Grace is shaken.

She returns to London hoping to rekindle the spark with the only man she ever loved—Scottish businessman Ian MacDonald. But he gave up his championship rowing career and dreams of Olympic gold years ago for Grace ... only for her to choose career over him. Will life’s tides bring them back together ... or tear them apart for good this time?

The Author:
Carla Laureano is the author of the RITA® award-winning romance Five Days in Skye as well as London Tides and the Celtic fantasy series The Song of Seare (as C. E. Laureano). A graduate of Pepperdine University, she worked as a sales and marketing executive for nearly a decade before leaving corporate life behind to write fiction full-time. She currently lives in Denver with her husband and two sons.

My Review:
Since this is the second book in the MacDonald Family Trilogy, there will be some spoilers for the first book Five Days in Skye. However, I think one could read London Tides without reading the first book. Reading them in order only adds more to the story and the world Carla Laureano has shaped. 

That being said, I think I enjoyed London Tides much more than I did Five Days in Skye (which I think is a great book too). Most of this came from the main character, Grace. I felt her occupation as a war photographer added so much depth to the story, her character, and her struggle to find her place in the world and with Ian. I loved her character: her sparky independence, her tattoos, her visual eye of the world, and her confidence. She's a wonderful character to get to know and to journey with. Despite not having been in the tragic situations she's been in, I felt very connected to her and her struggle. 

The story itself works well. The idea of finding an old flame after a years apart is swoon-worthy and reminds me of Persuasion (though any other similarities with Austen's novel ends with that). Some events of the book did feel like they came too easy, but I suppose that's this genre. It's a long book, and some sections didn't feel as conflict heavy but I think Carla Laureano did well with tying everything together in the end. The story kept me reading to know how it would end. I didn't want to put it down, and this isn't my typical choice of book (I prefer fantasy or YA). 

I love the setting. There are  so many beautiful moments that show off London. I loved it and now I'm daydreaming about London. I finished the story and messaged my sister telling her we need to go to London and Scotland someday soon. 

Overall, I think anyone who enjoyed Five Days in Skye will enjoy this story too. And for others if you like a good romance story set in an endearing city with plenty of conflict and passion-drive moments, this story is for you. Carla Laureano did an excellent job with this story. I'm looking forward to the third book, which I'm guessing will be about the MacDonald sister. 

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*I received this book as part of the London Tides blog tour from Radiant Lit.  I received no compensation for this review and only received a copy of the book for review purposes. Review copy provided by the publisher.* 

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