Monday, January 5, 2015

Books of 2014 and 2015

This past year of 2014, I completed  my Goodreads challenge to read 100 books. According to Goodreads, I read 101 books, but according to my own count I read 108 (it's tricky because if I re-read books from previous challenge years I can't add them on Goodreads date-wise without messing up other years. Anyways, that's confusing.)

Of the 108 books I read, I am going to list TEN honorable mentions that were super thrilling to read. (Since there are so many, I'm choosing books that were published this year, or one of the books in the series/trilogy was published this year). 

In no specific order:

1. Deluge by Lisa T. Bergren: I waited about four months to read this so I would have time and energy to relish every word and laugh and cry at every moment. It was wonderful to dive into the river of time again and heartbreaking to say goodbye. But it was worth the wait and worth the heartache. 

2. The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo: There aren't many words to describe these books adequately. Just go read them. Please. (Basically everything about them is wonderful.)

3. The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan: RIORDAN! *SHAKES FIST* This was a wonderful conclusion to the Heroes of Olympus Series, as much as I don't want to say goodbye to Percy and Co. However... that ending will never be forgiven. 

4. Storm Siren by Mary Weber: okay, okay, this book. hahahah! This book. It's good. It's grand. It's far exceeded my expectations and let me tell you I NEED THE NEXT ONE NOW. So you should just go find a copy and read it and trust me: READ IT.

5. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu: This is what a dystopian series should be like. asjfdlkasfjaljasl... I loved everything about it. 

6. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer: Okay, if you like fairy tale re-tellings this iS THE BEST I'VE READ IN PROBABLY FOREVER. It's futuristic/sci-fi re-tellings but she stays pretty accurate in her adaptation to the original fairy tales (or as best as she can of course). So I love it even more than the original fairy tales. WHY MUST WINTER BE NINE OR MORE MONTHS AWAY. WHY?

7. Remnants: Season of Wonder by Lisa T. Bergren: Another dystopian done right (if I can call this dystopian, it felt more like fantasy.) It was rich with details, had lots of action and thrills, and was beautifully written. I already have book 2 pre-ordered. 

8. One Realm Beyond by Donita K. Paul: I love the easy fantasy this book has. It's fun and exciting. I've always been enthralled by Paul's fantasy worlds. Plus there were dragons. :) 

9. Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor: These books are g o r g e o u s. The descriptions and mythology are so detailed and extravagant I found myself drooling (figuratively of course). The story line was brilliant and I loved every moment. Must read for lovers of fantasy and mythology. 

10. Dreamtreaders by Wayne Thomas Batson: Suprisingly, this book was fantastic. I sunk deep in the dream world Batson created for his characters and loved every moment. Definitely a good recommendation for pre-teen to teenagers. 

I decided to set the same goal on Goodreads to read 100 books in 2015. As well as, I want to complete this 2015 reading challenge. So hopefully along with any book reviews I do, I can keep you updated on this reading challenge as well! 

Here's my list of most anticipated books of 2015 (this is a lot shorter, since I have no idea when books are coming out):

1. Winter by Marissa Meyer: the final book in the Lunar Chronicles. Why is its release date so far away? (Also: special mention, Fairest is a prequel-type story to the series)

2. The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan: the first book in the Norse Mythology Series he's cooked up. I very much would like to read this for multiple reasons.

3. Siren's Fury by Mary Weber: *screams* I  NEED THIS NOW

4. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: Basically if she writes anything, I will read it. Plus this is set in the same world as the Grisha Trilogy, but a few years later. so: yes.

5. Season of Fire by Lisa T. Bergren: I have it pre-ordered. I'm going to read it. It's going to be exciting. hold me.

I'm sure as this year progresses many more exciting books will catch my attention and the fangirl side of me (really that's my only side) will soak up all the wonderful stories. 

I'm excited to see what this year holds for books!


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