Monday, December 8, 2014

Beautiful Books: December 2014

Again, apologies for absence. The fall semester is wrapping up which means no more crazy schedules and loads of work until January. And also: I'LL BE A SENIOR IN JANUARY. Ahhh! that's crazy. I only have two more semesters, so in one year you'll be looking at a college graduate. *flails arms*

Anyways, I'm here to announce that I did indeed complete Nanowrimo 2014! woot! I wrote 50,052-ish words. The novel, as always, is far from complete. I rebelled slightly by continuing work on something I had already written, but the main thing is I figured out the first three chapters-ish of the novel and where I'm going next with my editing process (along with various other random scenes...)

That being said, I'm here to answer questions for this month's Beautiful Books. If you don't know what it is, you can find out more here. Otherwise, in the words of Peter Pan, here we go!

1. On a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best), how well do you think this book turned out?
3? 4? Umm... it's not entirely finished. (I have one draft down, but this November I wanted to focus on editing and rewriting)

2. Have you ever rewritten or edited one of your books before? If so, what do you do to prepare yourself? If not, what’s your plan?
This fall was the first time I heavily rewrote/edited something. I've had intentions to do so before, but it never happened.

I let the story sit for a while without looking. Then, I start thinking about what would be better, what plot holes to fill, what things to make sure are consistent. And that's about all I've figured out toward editing.

3. What’s your final word count? Do you plan to lengthen or trim your book?
The final word count of the month was 50,052 (according to the website). The portion consistently rewritten so far 16,090 (a prologue and the first three chapters). The total toward this story is over 150,000 words (which I know is a lot but there are a lot of portions written multiple times or from different perspectives that I was dabbling with; also I've been writing this story for almost two years now). I'm sure I will trim it.

4. What are you most proud of? Plot, characters, or pacing?
Characters. These characters are slowly killing me from the inside out... oh my gosh! fdjalfjasf;lsdkf

5. What’s your favorite bit of prose or line from this novel?
I'm not sure this is my favorite, but I like it: "They say the dragons fell from the sky like the light showers fall in the nighttime expanse. Scales glistened in the too bright sunlight, radiating a thousand rainbows. Fiery breath escaped with one last heave of flame and smoke. Wings extended like tent canopies trying to greet the above azure. The war fought over dragon freedom brought the dragons to an eternal slavery: death."

6. What aspect of your book needs the most work? 
All of it? XD

7. What aspect of your book is your favourite?
I'm not sure this is an aspect, but that the more I write the more the ideas are weaving together to make logical sense and make a compelling story.

8. How are your characters? Well-rounded, or do they still need to be fleshed out?
Some of them are more well-rounded than others, but I think they all have room for more discovery.

9. If you had to do it over again, what would you change about the whole process?
A part of me thinks yes, I might. I would maybe write another story entirely or set aside time in my schedule to actually write so I didn't have freak out moments where I thought I wouldn't finish. But a part of me thinks that it worked out for the best with my chaotic schedule. (I just ended up feeling exhausted all the time)

10. Did anything happen in the book that completely surprised you? Have any scenes or characters turned out differently to what you planned? Good or bad?
Yes! A few of the characters did surprise me by having their own personality push through, especially minor characters that I didn't have a lot to go with yet.
I also had a new plot device thrown in that makes things flow better but it caught me off guard!

11. What was the theme and message? Do you think they came across? If not, is there anything you could do to bring them out more?
Oh. Um. I don't know. I just wanted to tell a story about dragons. Maybe something about first impressions aren't anything or everybody has more to them than what's on the outside? I don't know...

12. Do you like writing with a deadline (like NaNoWriMo) or do you prefer to write-as-it-comes?
Sometimes. It's helpful for sure when I need to sit my bum in the chair and write; but other times I want more time to let the ideas simmer and the right word choice to flow. It might be different for every story as well.

13. Comparative title time! What published books, movies, or TV shows are like your book? (Ex: Inkheart meets X-Men.)
Hmmm... this is hard. Maybe Eragon (blarg) meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets Merlin? I mean, dragons, knights, and pirates...

14. How do you celebrate a finished novel?!
Sleeping. And telling my friends who have been rooting me on for a month and telling me to sit down and write.

15. When people are done reading your book, what feeling do you want them to come away with?

Even if you didn't participate in Nanowrimo, you can answer these questions about any of your WIPs! I'd love to hear your answers too (so tell me if you did answer them).



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