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A Novel Idea: 12/17/14

I know, I know. It's been a while and I don't have the excuse of school for not posting. I've been busy though... reading, catching up on TV shows, and writing on the Fangirl Initiative (which you should totally check out!)

It's been a while since I was able to participate in A Novel Idea. I'm glad it's still going and there are questions being posted every Saturday still. You should join me! This week's questions caught my eye and I wanted to make an effort to do so.

A Novel Idea

Since I can never choose just one character--or rarely can--I'm going to answer these questions in regards to two of the characters from my WIP the dragon story: A Girl and Her Dragon.

Although you've already met them in previous posts, the questions fit better to answer about Killian and Brielle than the other characters in the novel (and to be honest, I wanted an excuse to plaster their face-casting since I have an abundance of Killian photos and I just figured out what Brielle looks like! Yippee!)

Here we go!

1.Who is their father and what is he like?

Richard Armitage as Xavier
Killian: His father is Xavier, King of Greene. He's tall, dark, and handsome like Killian. To Killian, he's on the stern and stubborn side, but Xavier is a just and righteous king. He analyzes every situation with precision and makes the best decisions for the people of his kingdom first. He must have a heart somewhere deep down in his strict soul since he fell in love and continues to love his beautiful wife and queen, Abigail.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Emmett
Brielle: Her father is Emmett, or Captain E (name in progress), a dreaded pirate of the Imperturbable Sea. While other pirate crews may fear him and tell ghost stories about the man, Brielle sees her father in a different light. He isn't something to be feared, he isn't dangerous or cruel, and he isn't the scum of the earth the knights of Greene say pirates must be. Instead, she knows his heart by the way he's treated her in his visits over the years. It's his fairy stories he's told her that keep her hopes up and her dreams full. He's a dreamer much like his daughter and he has a warmth in his heart that will never be overshadowed with darkness of the pirate life.

2.Who is their mother and what is she like?

Killian: His mother is Abigail, Queen of Greene. Killian has a special relationship with his mother and loves her dearly and always wants to make her proud--she's his moral conscious. She is known as a kind and graceful woman, and has a tendency to know what's going on around the castle grounds. She's tall, has light hair varying from blond to a reddish tint and green eyes.

Brielle: Her mother is Evangeline. She resembles Brielle. She died when Brielle was four years old, so Brielle only remembers her mother is faraway memories. What she does remember are kind smiles, soft words, and singing. Brielle's father speaks of her with an elegant grace as if she were an angel.

(Unfortunately, I don't have face-casts for either of their mothers yet. I'm working on it but it's harder to find someone to fit what I want.)

3.Are their parents still married, or divorced?

Killian: His parents are still married.

Brielle: If her mother was still alive, Brielle believes her parents would still be married and in love.

4.Describe their siblings – if they have any.

Jeremy Irvine as Eliot
Killian: He is the oldest of six children (yeah, I know). After him, Roxanne is the eldest daughter at seventeen. She's tall, outgoing, and beautiful,  resembling her mother in both gracefulness and kindness. Next is Eliot, age fifteen. He's more serious and tends to focus on his studies than have fun; he's the opposite of Killian in almost every way. After Eliot is ten year old Emma. She's darling and kind, but also has a mischievous side to her (courtesy of Killian) and likes to play tricks on people. After Emma, is Oliver, who is eight and a trouble-maker of cuteness. He, along with the youngest Arthur (age six), run around the castle grounds playing pirates or getting into trouble.

Colin Morgan as Lincoln
Brielle: She has two brothers. Lincoln is the eldest, three years older than Brielle. He is her best friend. When they were younger, he would teach her things and protect her, comforting her from the nightmares. As they got older, she saw him less and now she's the one worried about his protection. Brielle has a younger brother, Benedict, who she was told died shortly after his birth.

Ta-da! Now you know too much about my characters' families. You should totally join A Novel Idea! :)



  1. It's been terribly long since I've read your blog. I missed it much more than I realized.

    I believe this was one of my favorites of your WIPs. I love these characters and their familes! (And Benedict Cumberbatch as a father and pirate. How delightful is that?!)

    Yes, A Novel Idea is awesomely wonderful.

    barefoot in the snow

    1. It's been a terribly long time since I posted about my writing. :)

      Glad you liked it! Tis delightful indeed. :D Thanks for stopping by. :)