Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Novel Idea: 9/27/14

A Novel Idea

Look, A Novel Idea, again! This seems to be the only thing I have time for on my own blog these days. I apologize and hope to write more. I've been writing a lot on my school's online culture magazine, The Nerve though. I have a Doctor Who TV club, a British column, and I help edit the Serial Story about dragons! As well as various other commentaries or posts. :) 

Anyways, here we are to answer questions about characters once more. I wanted to introduce you to Fitz, who you met briefly before, but the questions don't fit right. Instead, I think I'm going to introduce you to another character from my sci-fi, cyber-punk unfinished story. So meet Grace Eleanor, or Grace-El!


Grace is a language, linguistic lover. She teaches herself languages, she practices, and she's a huge geek when it comes to languages. She wants nothing more to be a translator for the United Galaxy Fleet (I totally made up that name right now). But unfortunately, she befriended Leezander, he got her into a bit of trouble, and she was banned from the Fleet's Academy. So she followed Leezander and became a space pirate, only she's a little bit better off them him. She's a pirate queen with a better ship, a better crew, and better gadgets, gizmos, and weapons. So of course, when Leezander gets into a hot spot of trouble, he calls on her aid to help him. But she loathes him, sort of, still. He took away her dream, after all. But she can't resist helping him out since she's kind of still in love with him. :)

Here are the questions:

Could they ever lie to someone they love? Under what circumstance, if so?

Yes, without a doubt; and she has. Mainly for protection for the person at stake. Or possibly to save her own skin.

What words do they overuse? 

Hmm... I don't know (I haven't written a lot in regards to her yet). Probably yelling Zander, or Lee, at Leezander.

What qualities do they like most about the opposite gender? 

Brave, self-less, dark hair, blue eyes... ermm... someone who can defend her but also let her have her own reins. The fallen hero type, maybe, also gets to her a lot.

What do they fear most? 

I think she honestly fears losing the people she cares about. After the Incident with Leezander, she was separated from him for years and it paid a high toll on her.

What is their idea of happiness?

As much as she loves languages, she does crave adventure. The life of a pirate is the perfect opportunity to have fun and danger. I think Grace likes this kind of life more than she lets on, but she would rather just have fun exploring the solar system with her best friends at her side.

-Jaguar Hero!


  1. Well, good luck to your new plot bunny. I have endless amounts of things to do, too, and I could never seem to find the right amount of time to pay attention to that adorable little guy. And awesome, the names are fascinating. Leezander. Wow.