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A Novel Idea: 10/4/14

A Novel Idea

I feel like every week has been super busy! I hope that I'll have a chance to breathe when my school's fall break comes next week. But in the mean time, I can spare a few minutes to do this week's A Novel Idea questions!

I'm finally introducing Fitz, from the dragon story. He's a fifteen year old boy training to be a scholar like Tiberius. He's an orphan with no connections to his parents. He's smart, loves to read, and loves to learn. He also has a steady hand with sketching and usually has a pencil and notebook in hand. :) 


Here are the questions!

Have they started a family? If so, tell about them. If not, do they plan to?

Oh. No. He has no family right now. At his age, he hasn't thought about a family yet, but I'm sure he'll want one someday. Like far, far in the future. At least ten years. 

Who would they turn to if they were in desperate need of help?

Tiberius. He's Fitz's mentor, teacher, and the closest Fitz has to a father figure. If Tiberius cannot help him, he doesn't know who else would. 

Do they mind being in the midst of a large group of people? 

I wouldn't say he minds but he doesn't care for it much either. He's kind of indifferent to the thought. He'll do it if necessary and it might give him a chance to people-watch  study people's interactions, but he won't go out of his way to do it. 

Are they more of a leader or a follower? 

He thinks he's more of a follower, but I think he's got a chance at being a leader in some capacity. 

Do they care what others think of them? Why or why not?

It depends on the person. People he doesn't know, he doesn't really care what they think, but those closest to him, Tiberius first and later Killian, Brielle, and Gilbert, their opinions definitely matter. He doesn't want to disappoint or fail them. (He has perfectionist tendencies) 

-Jaguar Hero!

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