Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Novel Idea: 10/11/14

A Novel Idea

Another week of A Novel Idea is here. School is still kicking me in the butt, so hopefully I'll have time to do something this weekend with Fall Break. If not, I'll probably see you on Thanksgiving :) Don't worry I'll continue A Novel Idea posts and anything else I might be able to do. And National Novel Writing Month is coming up, so hopefully I'll squeeze in a post about that! 

And since National Novel Writing Month is coming up, I'm going to introduce the second character of the novel I'm going to write. You already met Arthur Benedict Williams and you've been introduced to the idea of the Inkling and Secret Library Society (I hope). So here's Samantha, or Sam, a fifteen year-old girl who spends her free time in the library and loves reading. She encounters Arthur in the library, learns of his dyslexia, and decides to take it upon herself to help him learn to read. She also has insight on the Secret Library Society, but her connection is still a mysterious. ooooh! :)


1. If their house was on fire, what are three things they would grab?
Sam would grab her books (all if she could and if not then her most favorite: Narnia and Peter Pan). She would probably grab the photograph book of her family, especially since it has pictures of her grandparents in it. Last, she would make sure to grab her shiny red shoes, as they make her feel like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz (even though she knows in the book the shoes were silver).

2. What is one talent they would like to have?
She wishes she could be like the members of the Secret Library Society and have some kind of ability related to books. Unfortunately, she is only good at reading books and talking about them.

3. If they could change one thing about themselves what would it be and why?
One thing would be her ability to make friends. She has a hard time being interested in what the other girls care to talk about. She feels lonely at times when the only people she talks to her are her family and eventually, Arthur.

4. What living person do they most admire?
Authors! And librarians (this novel is set in a different time period, 50s, I think, so I haven't mapped out what people were living around that time that a girl like Samantha would know about. We'll see!)

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Samantha a little better. I'm excited to share her story along with Arthur's! :)

-Jaguar Hero!