Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye Summer, see you next year

Today is September 1st. August is over, summer has said goodbye with its last rays of sunshine. (I know, technically the fall equinox isn't until the 21st!)

Even though classes for me started last week, I wanted to give a recap of my summer shenanigans. This weekend still felt summer-y with the fair, the warm weather, and of course, Labor Day (even though I didn't do anything for Labor Day). This summer I was able to accomplish a few things for my bucket list as well, which I'll highlight. While a lot of my time was spent working two jobs, I still managed to embark on exciting adventures.

How was your summer?

I read over 50 books this summer. I almost caught up with the TV show Supernatural (one more season left until I'm ready for the fall premier) and I finished watching the final season of Psych. :((( I saw a lot of exciting movies! And I finished Camp Nanowrimo in July, as well as writing a lot towards stories and such.

My date for friend's wedding. :)
I attended two weddings! One was earlier in June and was a friend from college. It was a beautiful place to have a wedding: a refurbished barn! The ceremony was outside, which was so nice in the glow of the evening sun. Then, there were appetizers (not a whole meal) and dancing in the barn. It was fun and I enjoyed my time. And I'm super excited for her!

Second, my brother got married this summer. I know! C r A z Y! I was in the wedding as a bridesmaid, which allowed for me to cross off my bucket list of "be in a wedding." It was a beautiful wedding too. And I got to lightsaber fight into the reception. Now that's just stellar.

My sister, my new sister, me
Jedi Knights!

At the beginning of the summer, a few girls from church and I made "bubble snakes." It's a simple bubble-maker using a water bottle and an old sock. We used food coloring in the bubbles to make pretty colors. It was awesome. We tried to see who could make the longest "snake."

My friend Hannah & I, bubbles, my friend Rachel, my friend Erinn

It's dog. It's a book!
One of my job's this summer was working at my college's library. While shelving books and helping patrons are important AND fun, we had a lot of other creative things to do. We were the library superheroes! We made superhero characters using a create-your-own superhero generator on marvel's website, and we hung them up on a bulletin board to decorate. At the end of the summer, we had a Batman display because of the 75th anniversary of his comic. And we also dived into making creative art out of old, discarded books. :) Summers at the library are always fun and I look forward to working there again next summer.

I went to two amusement parks this summer and encountered dinosaurs at both as well as roller coasters. I am definitely a ride warrior. ;)

No, don't touch the T-Rex!

Penguins at the Zoo
I went to the zoo with my best friend, which is another item on my bucket list: go on a date to the zoo. It was a smaller zoo, but it was just right. After eating a small picnic-type lunch, provided by him, :)))) we went around to all the exhibits. It was a hot day so a lot of the animals were laying around in the shade. Even so, I think it was a day well spent and hope we can go again sometime. :)

Captain America: Snake Woman!
I "child" sat a handful of crazy boys. We played video games, watched movies, and of course, made LEGO creations. I think my is quite spectacular in its own special way.

Before I breathed powder sugar.
This past week, which was technically no longer summer for me, I went to the local fair. And I tried deep fried oreos for the first time! (another item on my bucket list) They were interesting, but I think I liked them. :) 

While I cannot list every single exciting thing I did this summer, I think these highlights are the most noteworthy. Let me know how your summer was? Do anything fun? Or did you just spend the long, warm days reading and daydreaming...?

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