Friday, September 12, 2014

Fandom Fridays: She-Wolves of Siena

What do you do when your knight in shining armor lives, literally in a different world?

What if you not only fell back in time but also fell in love?

Would you sacrifice your future for an uncertain past?

In the spring of 2011, I accidentally happened upon a new book released when my mom brought it home from the library. It was called Waterfall and had an interesting plot line about two girls who time-travel to medieval Italy and fall in love with handsome knights. I thought, why not? That sounds pretty cool.

Cool is putting it lightly. Within pages of starting the book, I was drawn into the world that Lisa T. Bergren created. I mean not just stinking hot knights but sword fights, castles, pretty gowns, and two kick-butt heroines that I can say are worth getting to know. I was hooked, done for, history, as fast as Gabi was for Marcello. I was a She-Wolf (She-Wolf is the name given to both Gabi and Lia after they start kicking butt and turning heads).

And I couldn't wait for the second book, Cascade. I demanded my mom bring it home immediately. And I set about reading it as soon as I could. This was a series worth reading, worth breathing every word, worth hanging on to. And I have.

After I read the first two books, I entered a contest of sorts (???) to read the third (and at the time final) book, Torrent, early. Oh, I still have my ARC copy because it's freaking awesome to think about. And then, I won all three books, signed, in another contest. I was swooning. My new favorite book series and they were signed by the author.

For the next few years, I dropped the books into my friends' laps, demanding they read and demanding they liked them. It wasn't hard. The way the books are written, from Gabi's personal and sometimes downright hilarious and sassy perspective captures the atmosphere of the plot line. Oh, there's a dude who's double my size coming at me with a huge sword, ahhhh screaming and running.

But the sisters, Gabi and Lia, don't just scream and run away at the first sight of blood drawn. They hold their ground. They stick with it. They fight for those they love and what they believe. And they become worthwhile female characters that have substance, purpose, and honor. And don't get me started on the knights. Each one is swoon-worthy in their own way, loyal, and absolutely worthy to base all expectations of guys on them. (don't settle for anything less, she-wolves!)

Marcello Forelli, Luca Forellia, Rodolfo Greco 

Lisa T. Bergren's words captured me. They drew me into another time, another place, made me fall in love with Italy though I've never been there and hadn't thought about it much before (now I definitely want to go). It has increased my interest in history and in my writing. (Oh, and did I mention, Waterfall won a Christy Award? Awesome!)

But the story didn't end with Torrent like I, and the rest of the She-Wolves, thought. We were able to read more of these characters and this world (which is darn awesome and if an author isn't willing to dive back into their stories to satisfy their readers, well they just aren't good enough). Bourne and Tributary, short novellas, came out within a few months of each other. I was able to read and review both early, but I also bought my own e-copies and the papeback version when it came out. These happen to my favorite of the covers because Lord Greco and Luca's profiles on them (*swoon* They are my two favorites because of the whole "tall, dark, and handsome" and the "funny guy" aspects).

I read every word, soaked it up, and wasn't satisfied. I wanted these characters f o r e v e r. But I knew that was impossible, so I carried on with recommending the books to my friends, to my friends' moms, to anybody who had an interest in YA books.

Until this past year when we were promised yet another book. Deluge. GUYS DELUGE. It was recently released as an e-book but I withheld. I was promised a physical copy. I had to, had to, had to add it to my collection. so I waited. In agony as I saw so many people's non-spoilery reactions (thanks She-Wolves). But finally, I was able to order it and it's supposed to arrive today. Like mad, I've been re-reading the series to refresh my mind. And it's just as good as before, if not better. Coming back into the world is definitely like stepping back in time. It's familiar. It's home.

If you haven't read the River of Time Series yet, what's stopping you? It's a whirlwind adventure full of memorable characters, action and chaos, and of course, love. What else could you ask for?

-Jaguar Hero!

~In which I fangirl about the River of Time Series and didn't realize I had so much to say about it. Best. books. ever. Whew. ~

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