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A Novel Idea: 9/6/14

A Novel Idea

Here I am again to answer A Novel Idea questions. You can join at any time; and we'd love to hear your answers.

This week's questions talk about character background, family, personal aspects, etc. Because of this, I decide I couldn't settle with one character (imagine that, eh?). So I am going to showcase the five main characters from my current WIP (aka the dragon stories). I know. I know. This is a lot. So bear with me. You've already met four of them in past posts through Beautiful People. 

So without further ado, I present background information on Killian, Brielle, Fitz, Gilbert, and Tiberius. (I love these characters and they make me so happy. squeee!) 

L-R: Killian, Brielle, Fitz, Gilbert, and Tiberius

1. Who are their parents? What are their names, occupations, etc? Are they close to their parents?

Killian: His father is King Xavier of the Greene Kingdom, his mother is Queen Abigail. His father rules the land of Greene with the help of a council of elders. His mother does not have an occupation. He used to be very close to his father, but in the recent years, he's only discovered dissension. He still has good spirits with his mother, but not as much time together as he wishes. 

Brielle: Her father is currently a pirate known as Captain E (short of Emmett). Her mother, Evangeline, is deceased. She used to be super closer to both of her parents until her mother died. She was sent away to be a servant while her father became a pirate; he would still visit her, but their relationship was never the same.

Fitz: As far as he knows, he doesn't have parents. Of course, he knows that's a ridiculous notion. He is an orphan with no past, no name, and no connections. I however do know who his parents are. ;)

Gilbert: His mother was sister to Queen Abigail, Killian's mother. She died some time ago and his father is unknown, though suspected to be a leader in the military ranks. 

Tiberius: His father died in a war when he was a boy, which left his mother to care for him and his sister. She grew old and died; Tiberius sold their farm and dedicated his life to being a renowned scholar. He was close to her mother and watched her take her last breaths. 

2. Do they have any siblings? If so, what are their names and ages? 

Killian: He has four siblings: two younger sisters and three younger brothers. Eliot is seventeen and a perfect child. Roxanne is sixteen and is outgoing, a heart-breaker, and the life of the party. If you tell her she can't do something, she'll prove you wrong. Oliver and Arthur are a rambunctious pair at ages nine and six. They are usually together and off playing or causing mischief. Little Emma is seven and the most adorable little girl in all of Greene, or so Killian tells her.

Brielle: She has an older brother of three years, Lincoln. And she had a little brother four years younger, Benedict, but he died when he was a baby. She doesn't see Lincoln often as he went with her father after their mother died.

Fitz: He has no siblings that is knows of. (He doesn't have any siblings)

Gilbert: His mother had other children, though with the man she married later in life, two sisters and a brother. Jana and Gabriella, ages fourteen and twelve, are always together. His younger brother, Alexander, age ten aims to be exactly like Gilbert when he's older. Gilbert doesn't see them much now that he doesn't live at home.

Tiberius: He had a sister, Amelia, who was two years older than he. She died in childbirth. 

3. If they’re old enough, do they have a job? 

Killian: While he may be old enough to have a job, he certainly doesn't need to have one. His purpose is to train to be the next King of Greene, but he usually finds ways to get out of that also.

Brielle: She is a servant at the start of the story; she works in exchange for a bed and food. She has no opportunity to get a job.

Fitz; He's old enough to have a small, side job, but he isn't quite at the age where anybody would take him seriously. Instead, he is the equivalent of an intern for Tiberius. 

Gilbert: He works for the military as a knight of Greene. 

Tiberius: a renown scholar, he teaches the royal children as well as helps audit council sessions.

4. Are they right or left-handed? Or ambidextrous? (By the way, I’ve always wanted to write a story about someone who was ambidextrous! How could would that be?) 

Killian: left-handed

Brielle: right-handed

Fitz: left-handed

Gilbert: right-handed

Tiberius: originally left-handed but he is definitely ambidextrous.

5. Do they have any allergies or diseases of any kind? 

Killian: he's as fit as fiddle, of course. (well, at first)

Brielle: she has seasonal allergies. 

Fitz: he has season allergies, but also a few other symptoms. He's likely to get sick easier than others since he was born early (see I do know his back story) and he's always been on the skinny, small side.

Gilbert: fit as a fiddle, apparently. 

Tiberius: seasonal allergies

(Note: I really haven't though about anything for these characters in regards to allergies or diseases. This could change.)

Whew! There you have it, the characters that have stolen much of my time as late (and to think there is a wide variety of other cast members that pop in and affect the story). I hope you enjoyed getting to know them and weren't overwhelmed with so many names. It's crazy how all of this back story fits into my head so easily. Also, I hope soon I can do a personal showcasing for Fitz, as he is a beloved character that deserves so much  more than he has. 

-Jaguar Hero!

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