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A Novel Idea: 9/13/14

A Novel Idea

Yes! Another round of A Novel Idea questions. (Sorry I've been so distant lately. This semester of school is really kicking my behind. I'll try to do updates, Beautiful People, and other such stuff soon. When I find a moment to breathe. I mean right now I should be sleeping. so)

I've only introduced this character in a passing snippet scene I posted a while ago. I tried to write his story last year for Nanowrimo and only half-succeeded (I hit 50,000 words but never finished. His story still wants to simmer). Basically, it's a cyber-punk-esque space adventure with awesome things! And I'm continually inspired to write it every time I watch another sci-fi movie (aka Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, Pacific Rim, etc.) But it has yet to finally formed in my brain.

So here is Leezander, Zander, Lee, or Captain Z (oh, he has many identities). We'll just go with Leezander. He's a space pirate--but he wasn't always. He owns a ship that gets stolen from his hands at the beginning of the story. I know. Bummer. Anyways, he's a bit cocky, a bit arrogant, but his love for stars grounds him. (weird, right?) He knows he's good at what he does (being a space pirate) but he is still blown away over and over by the sight--the glimpse--of stars. :) So here you go. A dip into his life and mind, I suppose. 



1. What is their favorite thing in the refrigerator? 

Leezander has a love for any kind of non-processed fruit. It's hard to come by for sure in the outskirts of space, but he won't pass up on nabbing some and stashing them in his small, compact fridge system.

2. What is on their nightstand right now?

He always keeps his gloves, an amulet his mother gave him, and a comm device on his nightstand. However, sometimes he leaves half-eaten meals, the glow worm lamp, and an actual, handwritten letter he's kept for too many years that it almost rips at the creases.

3. It’s time for spring cleaning – what is easy to throw out and what is hard to let go of? 

It's easy for him to get rid of trash and meaningless items. He lives on a small spaceship. He knows that every inch is important, and every extra weight can be the difference between life and death. It's not hard to get rid of unnecessary items. But he does have a hard time getting rid of things that connect him to his mother or others from his past (aka Grace-Eleanor, his ex-best friend).

4. They are getting ready for a night out. What are they wearing? Where are they going?
Black pants, his gravity boots, probably cut-off gloves, a hooded jacket, and a t-shirt that isn't too flashy. He could, if he wanted to, really dress up fine, but usually he wears something that keeps him blended in. He's not one to stand out, especially with so many people after him.

-Jaguar Hero!

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