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A Novel Idea: 8/30/14

A Novel Idea

Who knew two weeks of school would end up so busy and exhausting? Sorry, I've been absent recently. I've been crazy busy with school work and writing for my school's culture magazine. But I'm here to answer this week's A Novel Idea questions. You should totally join in on the fun, any time! :)

It took me a lot longer to decide what character to do for this week's questions. I originally was going to do another character, or a combination of characters, from my current WIP (aka the dragon story), but it didn't feel right. So I had to stop and start over and think harder. And now I think I know who I want to introduce.

You met Rill, a character from my first ever NANOWRIMO back in 2012 (crazy!). He's a bit moody and sad and in need of a good hug, until he meets Keandall, a girl from Sector 3, the Beach sector, who is quite the opposite of him.

She's optimistic, takes life as it goes, and is willing to share the joy around her, especially with her two older brothers and next door neighbor. Also, she's crazy. What? Yeah, I said it: crazy. She hears voices in her head and has these visions. Real voices and real visions of these knights trapped in a dungeon, screaming from torture. Until she meets Rill, who she's seen before: in the dungeon.

Intrigued? Yeah, I know. Me too. (Where ever did this inspiration come from?) So let's see what Keandall has to say about her beliefs. :)

Here are the questions:

1. Does your character have any religious views? If so, what are they and why do they believe what they believe?

It's complicated, which is a lame answer. But in Zayin, beliefs are widespread since the Sectors aren't in communication. Also, it's a different world, so how they view things are different than here on Earth. She has heard stories, legends, and such of differing beliefs. She has neighbors that believe in Sea Gods and nymphs and such. But her mother, before she was taken away, always told her other stories. Stories involved with a King who ruled Zayin. A King full of love and compassion that created Zayin. This King urges people to develop a depth in their heart that can outshine anything else in the whole world.

Keandall isn't sure what to believe. Her mother was taken away from babbling on about the King, for being "crazy." She wants to hold on to her mother's words, believe her mother wasn't crazy, because if her mother was crazy, then she is crazy. Because she hears voices in her head that talk about the King and a growing darkness in Zayin. She kind of has to believe in this creator King, or she doesn't know who she is. 

2. If they’re religious, was it something that was taught to them when they were growing up, or something they found on their own?

As I said, her mother talked about such things and she learned about it from the knights that call for her help. But she still has a ways to go. She knows if she wants to believe something, she has to figure it out on her own. And she's searching for answers to her questions.

3. What are their political views, if any?

Sector 3, the Beach sector, is a free land. They have a government, but Keandall has never seen it. They are remote traders and fishermen. She encourages people to do what they desire--whether they wish to fish, be craftsmen or artists, or be merchants. She likes Sector 3 as it is--free to feel the ocean waves. (again it's complicated because the world there is different. And I haven't fleshed everything out yet since most of it isn't vital to the story I tell)

But if there's a chance the King is real, she would definitely opt for him to be in charge. Supposedly, he would unite Zayin together under harmony.

4. Are they mostly pessimistic or optimistic? 

She is definitely an optimist. In her lifetime, she also drowned, her mother was taken away, and her brother joined the navy to fight the pirates of the sea. She's had a lot of hardships being the only girl in her family, without a mother, and also having the "voices" in her head. But she tends to stay hopeful. She even keeps up her hopes that her mother will return again, healed from whatever craziness took over her brain. 

5. What do they believe will make a person successful in life?

I think Keandall believes a person is successful when they find satisfaction in what they are doing. Her brother, Drummer, is an artist and spends countless hours perfecting his work. But he's happy doing it. Yes, he still has to work with his father on the fishing boat in order to eat and trade for items, but he is satisfied because he is doing what he desires to do. Keandall feels if everybody had that chance to do what made them happy at least part of the time, the would be successful. But of course, saving the world is helpful also.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Keandall more. I would like her to pop in again with more questions to answer because she's a wonderful character I've enjoyed getting to know. And this story, while is in the "needs an edit" stage has a lot of wonderful aspects, that if constructed right, might make a memorable story. :)

You can join in with A Novel Idea any time. :)

-Jaguar Hero!

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