Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Storm Siren by Mary Weber--book review

"I raise my chin as they buyers stare. Yes. Look. You don't want me. Because, eventually, accidentally, I will destroy you. It's what I do."

Nym is a slave that harbors a secret: she is an Elemental, a person with curse that allows her to summon storms. But Elementals are only born  male and are killed immediately. As a slave, she's about to be sold to her fifteenth owner, but her curse is revealed as she stands on the auction block. She is given the choice to die or be trained as weapon to save the war-torn country she calls home. But training isn't so simple. Nym finds herself in the middle of another kind of storm.

Before even starting the book, I was ecstatic to read this book. The cover is g o r g e o u s. The dedication page made me grin like an idiot and wonder if Mary Weber somehow mind-melded with me (it mentions muses, magic, dragon hunters, and storming "bookish castles"). And of course, Mary Weber's bio on the back cover flap had me laughing (you can read most of it here). Everything in relation to the author is G O L D.  So I was excited. If the author can be that interesting, her book has to be also, yeah?

Storm Siren was much more than that. It was... stunning.

I've been a bit disappointed in recent books coming from Thomas Nelson and other Christian publishing houses. They've just been lacking in areas of story building and multi-dimensional characters. But Storm Siren has boosted my hope in future books.

It's fantasy, which is my favorite. And it was done well. The magic had similar aspects to all magic in books but it just felt so refreshing to read. The world-building was solid. There are still mysteries about the kingdoms and the world, but I think it will fill in as the trilogy comes along. The plot kept me reading. It was stimulating; it had fast action, quick scenes, and riveting turns, but it also lingered when necessary. Nothing felt bogged down or over-done.

Mary Weber, author
I like Nym. Her past is hard (I wish there were more glimpses of it), her powers are hard to get a handle on (freaking storm-summoner! That's awesome!), and she's been thrown into the mix without preparation. I love how she acts and interacts with others. She's relatable because she's not wholly good but she's not necessarily bad. She's a girl in a fix, but she could have been anyone. She has a deep heart and convictions. I like how her powers develop. I adore the other characters (especially Colin and Eogan. :D). None were too cliche or out of place.

But THAT ENDING. Sweet Lord of the Rings. That ending slayed me. I need the next book NOW. I mean, that was a fantastic cliffhanger and I will never, ever forgive her for it. Freaking. My mind is still blowing up because of it.

Storm Siren is definitely a book to keep your eye on. As a debut novel, I was blown away (freaking puns!). And I'm stoked to read the rest of the trilogy. This is how you write YA fantasy (especially in a shorter volume of pages).

Here's the book trailer (it's so pretty):

You can find Mary Weber on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or her own website. Enjoy! :)

-Jaguar Hero!
 I received this book for free through BookLook from Thomas Nelson publishing to give my open and honest opinion of the story, nothing more and nothing less.

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