Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Novel Idea 8/9/14

A Novel Idea

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I haven't gotten around to this link-up yet for a few reasons. It's the end of summer so everything is suddenly so busy, busy, busy! I had a few other blog posts to catch up on/do. And I debated on which character would get the spotlight this week. It was a struggle. A lot of my characters are young so they don't have that many important accomplishments or regrets yet. I didn't want to spend this blog post wondering and going "well, I don't know..."

So I had to figure that out and I think I've picked a great character.

Meet Tiberius! :) He's kind of the leader or said "grown-up" of the crew in my dragon novel starring Killian and Brielle. Tiberius is a renowned scholar in the kingdom of Greene. He lives within the castle grounds in order to teach Killian and his siblings. He's young for being so accomplished (he's only his his early 30s) but his life wasn't always so glamorous and high-status.

What do they consider the most important thing they’ve done so far in their life?
Tiberius would consider all of this actions carefully before answering that becoming a world-renowned scholar and basically the equivalent of the smartest man in all of Greene is supposed to be the most important thing he's done. However, deep down he knows raising Fitz as his pupil and saving the boy from another kind of life was his most important accomplishment.

What is their greatest regret?
He wasn't able to protect his sister and save her life.

When was the last time they were really, really frightened?
Tiberius hasn't been really, really frightened since he was part of Greene's military and in the middle of a battle. Since living through that, nothing causes him fear.

What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to them?
When he was a boy the other children at school would tease him for reading all the time, especially fairy stories involving dragons.

If they could change one thing about their past – and only one thing – what would that be and why?
 He wouldn't have joined the army to go go war.

Tiberius is an interesting character because he has a lot secrets (I tried hard not to spoil anything). He's been through a lot for such a young person, and he's the perfect match for mentoring a young prince who doesn't want anything to do with a royal crown. However, he still has his faults and I've enjoyed journeying with him to see how even those we look up to make mistakes, but they can still be important and worth knowing.

-Jaguar Hero!


  1. I have to say, I love you choice of Hiddleston as the model for Tiberius!

    1. I know! :D

      It's odd because while Tiberius isn't THE main character (he is still important but he fades to the background a lot), he was the first one I had a clear idea of what he looked like. I just knew Hiddleston would fit perfectly, so much I changed Tiberius' age to make it fit the idea in my head (also it was bordering on cliche).

      Thanks for reading :)