Friday, August 15, 2014

Fandom Friday: In a Hole in the Ground

It's probably not hard to guess what this week's (finally) Fandom Friday is about! :) (sorry I've been absent in making Fandom Friday posts. I didn't have as much time to do it among all my other posts and summer fun. Hopefully, I'll be able to do more soon.)

As a fan of C.S. Lewis's Narnia, it's not surprising that I've also fallen in love with another fantasy world: Middle Earth.

This is how I see Narnia vs. Middle Earth. It's not a competition of "which is better?" Rather, it's a step-up. Narnia is my introduction to fantasy. I was young, it's written for children (and those old enough to read fairy tales again); it's simple and straightforward with the symbolism and allegory. Tolkien's Middle Earth is the "big leagues." This is the high-fantasy, intricately carved worlds and stories. I mean, just reading the trilogy isn't enough! There's The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Lost Tales, and tons and tons of other related material (appendixes and notes and everything).

And as I got older, I grew more into Middle Earth. It was a part of my life just as much as Narnia or Star Wars. My dad read the books years ago (when you know, dinosaurs were still around, right?). My brother go into it (way more than me, though still), and it kind of rubbed off. A lot. (We have had yelling matches about things within the books/movies in the middle of public restaurants. :P)

 I read the books in middle school; I watched the movies beforehand but relished them more later. And now here we are coming closer to the last installment of The Hobbit cinematic trilogy. (I'm not going to cry! I'm not going to cry! I'm going to cry!!!)

Fantasy is definitely something I hold on to. Tolkien's world of Middle Earth is so intricately built. I can relate to the characters. I would love love love to see the land (and I adore that New Zealand is where they filmed the movies and want to visit there!!!). I want to meet Ents and battle Orcs and visit the White City and Helm's Deep. I want to travel across the Misty Mountains and join the hobbits for a celebratory feast with fireworks and food and good cheer.

I'm definitely deep into the Tolkien/Middle Earth fandom. On Tolkien Reading Day (aka Defeat of Sauron Day, March 25th), I dressed up as "modern" elf and passed out lembas bread. My friend dressed as a hobbit. I've had many long discussion about hobbits, Tolkien and Middle Earth. I've written a few essays for school in regards to Tolkien.

Along with that, I've decided if I were ever to write a book of poetry I would called it Second Breakfast and every poem would be about hobbits. (stay tune for me. It's happening.) In addition, my creative writing professor told me the best thing about me was I look like an elf but I'm really a hobbit. If that's not awesome, well I don't know what is. Myself and three friends have also dubbed ourselves "Second Breakfast," and each of us are one of the four well-known hobbits of the Fellowship (I'm Meriodic Brandybuck).

Tolkien and his world has long been in my life and it will continue in my life for, well, the rest of it. I love everything about it and hope someday I could write something as great as his masterpiece. I mean, just the world-building is freaking fantastic and that's not even including the depths of his characters, the plot line, the truly genius of everything. *flails arms in fangirl motion*


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This is a picture of my friend and me as hobbit and elf:

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