Monday, August 11, 2014

August Book Photo Challenge Days 5-11

It's Monday. :)

School starts in two weeks! (WHAT?!) Hopefully with the way my schedule is (no classes Friday! Hip-hip Hooray!) I'll have time to keep a weekly update on the book photo challenge. I'll figure it out if I am unable. :)

So here we go!

August 5: Where You Read

My reading "place" is not limited to one area. I read everywhere whenever I have a spare moment to concentrate. In the car, at work, in the library, before church starts, at home in various places. But the picture shows my bed nook where I have lots of pillows to lean up against while reading. This is usually the place I end u finishing a lot of books after staying up too late to read them.

August 6: Favorite Book Cover

There are so many fantastic book covers. I had a hard time choosing, and I don't own every beautiful cover. So I settled with this one. I like the colors, the stars (I am obsessed with stars after all), and the small artwork (which is bigger on the individual covers for this trilogy). :)

August 7: Words on a Page

Any excuse to have elvish on my blog and I will take it. :)

August 8: Most Reread Book

When I was little and I visited my grandparents (frequently), I would always read this picture book with my grandpa. Over and over and over. I now have it in my possession because they moved and my grandpa had to weed his book collection. It's not going to leave my hands for a long time. :)

August 9: New Book Discovery

I just received this book to review, and I love it so far. A review for it should be up soon. It's awesome and I love the cover. 

August 10: Favorite Author

I have many favorite authors (I mean, Tolkien and Lewis obviously are greatly admired by me), but I adore Lisa T. Bergren. From her picture books to her YA time-traveling to medieval Italy books to many of her historical ones, I have loved each one I've read. A few of my books are off to other places currently so I couldn't take a picture of all the ones I own by her. I hope to get more soon. (As you can see, book 2 in a lot of her series/trilogies are missing. Interesting.)

August 11: Reading Outside

Look! Outside! I'm a cheater-cheater, pumpkin eater because I really wasn't reading outside. I was just outside with a book. :P

-Jaguar Hero!

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