Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Book Photo Challenge Days 26-31

I know, I know, it's not a Monday. But the end of August is here (how???), so I decided to finish off this month's book photo challenge today and start September next week!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my growing treasure hoard of books. Some of this week's prompts were more difficult to figure out, but I did it! Enjoy. :)

August 26: Guilty Pleasure

I don't know if any of the Star Wars books by Jeffrey Brown are considered "guilty pleasures." I happen to find them hilarious to read, especially the picture books about Darth Vader and his children. 

August 27: Coffee or Tea?

I don't like coffee and I've never had tea (though I can't imagine I would like it). So my choice would be hot chocolate! However, it's August and not the right season for Hot Chocolate. So here's a picture of my favorite, beautiful mug. :)

August 28: Colors

Ted Dekker's Circle Series have titles that match c o l o r s. Black, Red, White, and Green. These are easily a top favorite series. I should re-read them

August 29:Water Book Cover

Are you at all surprised that these books made an appearance for the "water book cover"? I'm not surprised. It was a given. :)

August 30: Freebie

Since this is a freebie, I wanted to show off my latest addition to my collection. I received this book through a contest on Gillian Bronte Adam's blog. It's massive but I've heard good things about it, so I'm excited to read it when I have a few weeks to relax and read. :)

August 31: Books Read this Month

I read a total of twelve books this month, which is on the shorter side of things (I blame school starting). But I only actually have three in my current possession as most were from the library or the others are currently on vacation at someone's house. Storm Siren was by far one of the best I read this month. And Spoken For was a great way to end the summer. 

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