Monday, August 25, 2014

August Book Photo Challenge Days 19-25

Monday is here, as is my first day of classes for the semester. However, I managed to squeeze in some time for this week's Book Photo Challenge. Enjoy! :)

August 19: Funniest Character

As always, I couldn't just pick one single funny character. I'm sure there are many more I find hilarious also, but off the top of my head with characters on the book covers these are my top two: Percy Jackson (of course his narration is always hilarious) and Luca Forelli (he's cracking jokes in the middle of battle and the most dangerous of situations). :)

August 20: Book Recommendation

I definitely recommend Cinder for lovers of YA, sci-fi, cyborgs, or fairy tales. It's a futuristic, science-fiction retelling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. And Marissa Meyer knows what she's doing with the material. 

August 21: Longest Book

Gone with the Wind is the biggest book I own and have read (aside from the Bible, probably). At over 1000 pages, it's definitely long-winded (it took me longer than two 24 hour car trips for a summer missions trip to finish this booger of a book). I mean, the first 100 pages are basically a set-up for the rest of the novel! 

August 22: Bookstack

Since I start classes today, I thought it was fitting to take a picture of some of my books for classes (a few are already tucked away in my backpack). Perks of being an English/Creative Writing major: lots of books to read, not that many thick, boring textbooks. Downfalls: buying so many books. 

August 23: Fictional BF/GF

I'm not usually one to do the whole fictional boyfriend. Nah. I just fall in love with characters and cry over their unfortunate lives. But I never imagine them as boyfriends, really...? I just. I don't know how to explain it. However, if I had to choose I suppose there are two three that I would choose.

Lord Rodolfo Greco... a swoon-worthy knight that hops the fence between the good and bad side of the Italian medieval knight gangs. yeah, he's a big deal in my book. 


Gilbert Blythe. *sigh* Never settle for anything less than a Gilbert.

My last one is Nikolai Lantsov from the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. Unfortunately, he does not have a picture because neither the book covers (thank goodness) reveal his face and he has yet to star on the silver screen. But let's just go with: he's drool-worthy. 

August 24: Favorite Blogs
YA Romantics

I have a few favorite blogs, but my top two book blogs I follow are YA Romantics and the Yakety Yaks. :) They are  pretty cool, have awesome giveaways, and are fantastic at reviewing books!

August 25: You Reading

I'm not sure how you expect me to take a picture of myself while I'm reading... so. 

-Jaguar Hero

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