Monday, August 18, 2014

August Book Photo Challenge Days 12-18

Monday! :D Pictures of Books! yay!

Here's this past week's book photo challenge pictures. Enjoy :)

August 12: Sunny Book cover

I think I'm being awfully clever again with this one. A Millions Suns, get it? Ha-ha-ha! :) I also love to add cool looking colors and such to pictures. 

August 13: Bookish Item

Because I'm awesome, or you know a good book reviewer, I received a t-shirt, a handful of bookmarks (and tattoos) and a flashlight for the Remnants books by Lisa T. Bergren. :) You should totally read them. 

August 14: Back to School Reads

Comic books are always acceptable for back-to-school reading. Also, bonus if they are due at the library before school starts. Oops. 

August 15: Book Store

The closest book store to me (that I'm aware of) is Books-A-Millions (it used to be Borders before they closed). I don't get to visit it often enough! :)

August 16: Favorite Fandom

Favorite fandom was a prompt last month, so I must stay true to my answer: Tolkienites rock! :D

August 17: A Book Set In Your Town or State

I'll admit it I had to look up what books take place in my state (I doubted there would be any in my teeny-tiny town). So this might give away my position but Sula by Toni Morrison is set in my state and also happens to be a book I have to read this fall for a class! 

August 18: Favorite Ending

There are so many great endings to books/series/trilogies. But I will always be in love with how C.S. Lewis ended his Narnia Chronicles in The Last Battle. *don't cry. don't cry. don't cry--too late*

-Jaguar Hero!

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