Monday, August 4, 2014

August Book Photo Challenge Days 1-4

It's Monday! And it's August, which means a whole new month of Book Photo Challenge prompts.

Here's the list:

Since I wrapped up July with the last week and half, I only have a few photos to share today. A few of the prompts are repeats or books I would choose for more than one prompt, so I apologize in advance for repeated photos. (I'm too lazy to take new ones, or I don't have access to the books any more. The only downside of borrowing from libraries.)

August 1: Whatcha Reading?

I'll admit I have a few other books on my "currently reading" via goodreads, but these are the MAIN two books I'm reading, How to Speak Dragonese by Cressida Cowell (Book #3 in the How to Train Your Dragon Series), and J.R.R. Tolkien's translation of Beowulf. A lot of dragon-esque/monster excitement and adventure in these books. I've read a different translation of Beowulf before (Seamus Heaney's) and loved it, but I'm stoke to read Tolkien's. 

August 2: TBR Pile

Since I didn't know the prompts ahead of time, I showed you my To-Be Read Pile last month on a Freebie day. :) So here are the pictures again, for a second look. (so many books, not enough time. *sigh*)

August 3: Your Bookshelf

Last month, there was a bookshelf prompt. But as I looked at the picture collage I used and compared it to my bookshelf now, I saw a difference. A few books have returned to their perches on my shelf and a few others have left to go on adventures with someone else. :) I decide to re-take a picture of my main bookshelf (the other ones haven't changed).

August 4: Bookmarker

Currently, this is my most used bookmark (though I do have a few others that are signed by authors or falling apart from using them so much!). My friend, Hannah, made this for me last year for a Doctor Who party we had. Can you tell which Doctor is which by their hair? :)

Thank you!

July Book Challenge

-Jaguar Hero!

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