Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Novel Idea: 8/16/14

A Novel Idea

Another round of questions via A Novel Idea by Ashley Aspires. This week the questions focus on a character and his/her relationships with others.

Since you've (hopefully) already met Killian, I thought it was fitting to answer these questions about his best friend: Gilbert. Gilbert is Killian's cousin on his mother's side. He's a knight for the kingdom of Greene, though hasn't been part of too many battles (a few skirmishes with rebel pirates and/or bandits). Killian trusts him more than anybody else in the world. They grew up together as brothers; however, Gilbert has always seen a future with Killian on the throne. He unabashedly strives to help Killian become the king Greene needs.

Gilbert's character is near and dear to my heart. I don't give him enough scenes or room to grow. I've thought about rewriting so many pivotal parts of the story arc to get him in more, but I know he must stay has he is: a secondary character. But that doesn't mean Gilbert isn't important. He is so important, possibly one of the most important characters of the story. Like Tiberius, I had a clear idea of what Gilbert looked like and who he was far before my main characters (and even some of them are still progressing).

I hope you enjoy getting to know him as I have. And I hope he pops back in someday soon. :)

Here are the questions:

1. How do they treat those around them, in general? Are they nice, rude, reserved? Does their treatment of others depend on how well they know them?

Gilbert is always polite and warm (something Brielle picks up quickly upon meeting him and the other members of their crew). He strives to include others and come across as nice as possible. At times, he might be reserved though. He isn't always the first to talk, but he won't hold back when he needs to say something. He might be more open if he knows a person already, but usually how well he knows someone will not affect how he treats them.

2. Who is their best friend, or friends? Do they bring out the best in your character, or the worst? Are they a partner in crime, or a partner in good? ;)

Gilbert's best friend is without a doubt Killian. They grew up together and have been inseparable since birth practically. Killian is usually the rascal falling into trouble so he brings out the best in Gilbert, who always has to bail him out and talk to the "grown-ups" to get out of trouble. However, Gilbert has definitely had his fair share of troublesome behavior. They are definitely partners in crime together, though Gilbert probably is the one chasing Killian around to get him to stop before giving in and joining him.

3. Have they ever been in love? If so, did it last, or was it just a fling?

He's never been in love in a romantic sort of way. He's never had a fling either because Killian usually steals the girl away before Gilbert has a chance. He wouldn't be one to have "a fling" either. He'd be in for the long run.

4. Who do they despise most?

It takes a lot for Gilbert to despise someone, as crazy as that sounds. At least, openly despise someone. If he's uncomfortable, he'll hold it in before coming across rude. However, he hates kingdom advisers that are corrupt or members of other kingdoms that take advantage of people (aka the Crimson King). And anyone that looks down on Killian, marking him appear as someone unfit to be king, makes Gilbert fume.

5. Do they tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict altogether? If they avoid it, why?

He only argues with Killian, usually to keep his younger cousin in check or to encourage him (especially about becoming future king of Greene). He doesn't usually avoid conflict though. If someone is being mistreated, he will walk up and say something, not to pick a fight but to stop one. He wants to do what he can to make Greene, and the world, a better place.

Oh, Gilbert. (If I was a fangirl of this story, I would definitely be head over heels for this boy)

Have answers for your own characters? You should link-up here. I'd love to hear what you have to say. :)

-Jaguar Hero!


  1. Aw, I love meeting Gilbert! He seems like such a sweetie! I hope to hear more about him as we keep going with A Novel Idea!!

    1. I'm so excited to introduce him, but I wanted to wait until the questions felt right! which is now! :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed meeting him. And he better come back soon for more questions. <33 Thank you!!!!