Monday, July 14, 2014

July Book Photo Challenge Days 8-14

Well, here we are again on a shiny Monday! :)

This week we have book photo challenge pictures from July 8th-14th! Yippee! This week was super busy but I managed to get it done. I loved the prompts especially this week because I got to showcase some of my favorite books.

I hope you enjoy looking through them! :D

July 8: Well-loved

This is an old copy of The Hunger Games from 2008! It has definitely had it's fair share of love. I couldn't even count how many people borrowed this book to read. It's a bit worn with a cover damage and has been retired to my shelf and only those I know will handle with care and return in a reasonable amount of time. 

I have a few other "well-loved" books but they were currently not on my shelf but being loved by another book-reading soul. :) 

July 9: Nostalgia

There are many books that give me nostalgia, but none more than The Chronicles of Narnia. From having them read to me when I was little to opening the books for my first solo read to enjoying the stories for years later, Narnia has always had a special place in my heart. And I love my copy of all seven books in one volume. The artwork on the front is magical. :)

July 10: Book Order

Apparently series are something I like to collect. I have many series, trilogies, and matching sets of books on my shelf. But the Lost Books by Ted Dekker were all here (while others were currently loaned), so I decided to showcase their book order. Plus, the best thing about these books is the first letter of each title spells out C I R C LE, which is another series by Ted Dekker connected to these ones! 

July 11: Summer drink & book

I don't drink a whole lot aside from water, but I love using this cup because it has superheroes on it! Also, it keeps my drink cold in the summer warm. I just checked out Dreams of Gods and Monsters from the library today and cannot wait to start reading it! :)

July 12: underrated book

To be honest, I don't know how this book is usually rated. However, when it comes to Ted Dekker books I don't see this one being talked about a whole lot. It gets pushed to the side as just another one of his psychological thrillers. But I felt The Bride Collector was so much more. I loved the characters, the way the story went, and even the idea behind the murderer. I don't know why but it struck me and held tight and I had to find a copy to buy. 

July 13: Bookshelf

So here are some of my bookshelves. All except the bottom are doubled up with two layers of books as well as multiple ones stacked on top. I also have another shelf full of children's books and multiple stacks of books sitting around my bookshelf. So when I looked at my bookshelves I find lots of laughing at the disarray my books are in. And you can see there are many books missing from being loaned out. 

July 14: A book you read in school

I've read a lot of books for school, especially in the last two years with an English/Creative Writing major. Here are a few I quickly found and pulled off the shelf. Lots of reading and lots of reading about reading and writing. :) It's been fun! 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my crazy bookshelf life. Can't wait to see what other books are showcased int the future. Enjoy :)

-Jaguar Hero!

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