Monday, July 21, 2014

July Book Photo Challenge Days 15-21

Guess what today is?

I have arrived to showcase another week of Book Photo Challenge pictures! :)

Some of these prompts were super fun to organize and decide on books. A few were standard. And some were so. hard. to choose. The agony.


July 15: oldest book on your shelf

I found this gem, Unusual Words and How They Came About, in a discard pile at the library I work out. It sounded interesting so I brought it home. Words. Language. Drool. It's publishing date has it at 1946! I know I probably could have found an older book somewhere, but I decided to settle for this. :)

July 16: favorite book fandom

Hands down, the best book fandom are the Tolkienites! We have so much history and lore to sift through, but we still time after time come up with explanations of certain things, we have people who learn the languages of elves and dwaves and black speech, and we also include everybody, whether they've only watched the movies or also read the books. We are awesome! 

July 17: Rainbow

This was a fun prompt to do! I go to choose various covers based on color, and I tried to pick ones from the same series/trilogy/author because series tend to have a multitude of colors. :) 

Here are up-close pictures of each side:

July 18: Collector's edition

I'm considering this a collector's edition, even if it's not one yet. The book is self-published by my sister's friend, and it's the 25th copy and SIGNED!!! :) So if the book ever gets picked up by a publishing company, given a new cover/title/etc. I will have one of the original self-published copies! Freaking sweet. 

July 19: Pretty cover

I'm cheating with this one. I don't own this book (yet), but the cover is: g o r g e o u s. I mean, the words are beautiful, the colors, the background image, and the draaaagon. (plus THIS BOOK IN GENERAL <33 :ddd="" and="" credit="" did="" found="" from="" give="" google="" i="" if="" it="" know="" let="" m="" me="" not="" p="" picture="" s="" so="" sorry="" stole="" take="" this="" via="" will="" wonderful.="" you="">
But I'm also going to showcase a cover I own. For some reason, when I first saw the cover to this book I was starstruck. I remember it had been a while since reading the boo previous and I was anticipating this book. Plus the title is marvelous. And I just love the artwork and the details though simple as they might be.

July 20: I read YA

I tried to be creative with this one, though I imagine many others thought of the same thing. It's hard to see the books, but I can confirm that I do indeed read YA. A lot of YA. Like almost everything I read it YA. Almost. And I own many, many more books that are YA than this. However, I couldn't put all of them in the picture. :)

July 21: Poetry

This book is a collection of poems from elementary school students in a certain area where I'm from (basically, I don't know how far the radius of schools involved with this were and I'm trying not to disclose too much personal information). But yours truly has a stinky little poem published in this book from when I was in 5th grade. Whoa. So. long. ago. Anyways, here's the poem. :)

My poetry professor would cringe. oh well. :)

Whew! So many books. And so many more that haven't shown up yet! Wow. I hope you enjoyed this crazy collection. July is almost over (what?!?!?), so I'll wrap up July's challenge next week and start on August! Whoa.

Week 1

Week 2

-Jaguar Hero!

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