Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Photo Challenge

A great friend started a Book Photo Challenge this month. I liked the idea and have enjoyed looking at the books she owns. I did the one for the Fourth of July and had a blast sifting through my books. So now I want to do more. I hope to accomplish an entire year's worth.  Basically, there are prompts to fulfill each day by taking pictures of books. I am supposed to use my own photos because that is the point of the challenge, so most likely the books will be ones I personally own. The challenge can be found here on books and cupcakes tumblr.

Technically, I am supposed to post on tumblr every day. I might still do that (and catch up the days I've already missed) but I think I would like to share the challenge on this blog also. However, posting every day might be strenuous and difficult for me to accomplish. Instead, I am going to do one post a week with seven pictures from the challenge. I hope you enjoy and get ideas for some awesome books :)

Here is the prompt list for the entire month! :)

Day 1: Favorite Title

This was a hard one to choose, but the best thing about these prompts if you can interpret as you want. For this, I chose this because I liked the title (not necessarily my most favorite book though so far it is good). I just like the word choice and how it sounds together. Magical.

Day 2: Bursting with Laughter

These books have been favorites for a long time. While they could probably fit under a number of prompts (so you might see them again), I definitely find myself laughing hysterically at Percy's narration and of course the chapter titles. :)

Day 3: Fluffy Read

Fluffly read basically means a light read. This one was a lot harder to find among my collection of books (that must mean I only read deep, dark books, eh?). Anyways, I got this book somehow a long time ago and thought it was funny. I mean, that's a pretty unique title there. However, there isn't anything deep or dark about it. It's just a fun, kid's book.

Day 4: Red, White, or and Blue

These are all the books that I own (and currently have at my house) that are red, white, and blue. I think there might be a few more but they have been lent to a friend. Also, I had to include my Captain America book. :)

Day 5: Difficult to Finish

I had to read this for school a few years ago. I know I felt it dragged on for a while (which might have been the class itself), and I got confused between names and who was related to who and what exactly was the point of everything. However, I think if I were to re-read it today, I'd appreciate and enjoy it more.

Day 6: Novella or Short Story

This is a combined book of two novellas and part of a series I a d o r e. Plus, how could I ever resist promoting that cover? ;)

Day 7: Flowers

This is the only book I could find with flowers on the cover, which are teeny-tiny to see even. I was hoping I still had a copy of Flowers for Algernon lying around, but I didn't. Or I suppose something else related to actual flowers and not just a cover. Oh well.

Well there are the first seven days for July. I thought about waiting until next year to start fresh in January but I realized I didn't want to wait. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up and post more next week!

Enjoy! :)

Do you have any books to label with these prompts? Feel free to share!

-Jaguar Hero!


  1. love the fourth of july picture!!!

    1. Thank you :)

      I'm so glad you found this challenge because I love seeing your blog posts every day! :D