Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Novel Idea Link-Up :)

I heard about A Novel Idea through another blog. It's similar to Beautiful People. A list of questions are posted and the goal is to answer them. Some might be about characters but there can be questions about plot, setting, or anything else related to the writing process. Also, I believe there are questions posted once a week instead of once a month.

So I decided to try it out. It would help introduce more stories and characters to my blog; and it can help build on my ideas. I think this is a great tool for anyone, whether they are just beginning the writing process or if they've been doing it for a while. I think things like this could even work beyond just writing but into art or graphic novel types of work too!

A Novel Idea

I would like to introduce a character from a different story than the ones I've been choosing for Beautiful People. Meet Arthur Benedict Williams, or just Arthur. He's a nine year-old  boy with dyslexia who learns he has a special ability when it comes to books; he can read the spines of books, jump into books, and pull characters out of stories. He is what the Secret Library Society has dubbed an Inkling, a rare form of those chosen to be given book ability (most usually only possess one ability but an Inkling possesses many or all). 

The age isn't right, but
this is the closest I could find so far of Arthur
Now for the questions: 

1. What’s his/her name? Are they named after someone?
Arthur Benedict Williams or Arthur. He's named after his grandfather, who died in WWI (Arthur) and his father he never knew (Benedict).

2. Do they have a nickname? 
Sometimes his older sisters call him Artie.

3. How old are they?
He's nine (I think--this might change). 

4. Hairstyle? Straight, curly, short, long, etc? 
His blond hair is straight-ish until it grows out. So he has curls on the end. His hair is usually only just past his ears before his mama cuts it short again.

5. Eyes? Color, size, etc?  
He has blue eyes with a hint of green in them. They are big and wide and full of wonder. 


Feel free to join in!

-Jaguar Hero!


  1. Wow, does that sound amazing! What's the book called? I don't remember reading about it on your WIP page... But seriously, special abilities based on books and reading and writing? What could be more awesome than that??!! Is the the MC or otherwise?

    I'm curious... why did you choose Benedict? Just because you liked it or is there another reason? Does it have anything to do with Benedict Arnold or nothing at all?

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    1. As of right now, it's called The Secret Library Society or the Inkling. It's on my WIP page but it's the only one without a link so it doesn't show up green. (and I did warn my explanations of things were a bit... terrible) :)

      Arthur is the MC along with a girl he meets in the library named Samantha, or Sam, who helps him learn to read better.

      And the idea came through a short story I wrote for my Fiction Writing class last fall. And one of the things the class encouraged me to do was have Arthur announce his full name (b/c the main part of the story was a flashback so it didn't connect he was the older man at the beginning [sorry this is complicated without the story]) or at least his first and last name. So as I was re-writing the scene to add in his full name Benedict just came. It had no inspiration from anything in particular. It just felt like it fit somehow.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. :)

    2. *runs to check* Oh yes, I remember reading that now. I can't believe I forgot. I guess this post makes it sounds even more wonderful than the blurb did. And I love those titles!

      Cool! I love it when names just sort of fit like that.

    3. hahah! it's perfectly okay. :) there was a lot to squeeze into the blurbs (which I think need updated soon). I want to somehow combine The Secret Librarian Society and Inkling into one title, but I don't want it to be too long. :) (if it were a series, it would make sense, but as of right now I think this is a stand-alone story for good reason).


    4. I've always found summaries and such troublesome, myself. There just was never enough room in so few words to describe it all!

      Well, the first thing that comes to mind is The Secret Inkling. But it doesn't seem Arthur is secretly an Inkling, so I guess that wouldn't make sense.

      Hmm, is that a reason you'd mention or a spoiler? Now I'm even more interested. This is fast becoming a favorite WIP (out of all WIPs I know of).

    5. Yes! Exactly. Summaries are so hard to accurately describe the entire story (which is why there is an entire story to be written/read). :)

      I'll have to think more for the title. The only way I could use both separately but together is if I ended up writing more than one story, except it could be about different kids each time and not just Arthur. But we'll wait and see what happens with this one because more ideas might pop in to help it along! :)

      I don't know what you mean about the spoiler and mentioning it? Maybe I'm missing something here. I hope with more questions every Saturday I can develop this story more, so you might here about it (I wont' be leaving my dragon WIP though; that will still come around here and there, especially with BP)

    6. You said it's, for now, a stand-alone for good reason. I was wondering what that reason was.

      Yes, I like how she made a quick weekly one. It really was a novel idea!

    7. Ah! Thank you for clarifying. I must have read something wrong. :)

      I don't have a reason besides I don't think Arthur's story will go beyond one book. I do have an ending figured out, which might be the case, but you know... spoilers :P

    8. haha, yes, pesky spoilers. That's okay, I hate knowing the ending first, anyway. I never did understand those who read the last chapter/page first... I mean, doesn't that kind of destroy the purpose of reading the book? At least a big part of it, anyway.

    9. hahah! I understand completely. I NEVER want to know the ending to a book, so when I see/hear spoilers I duck and cover and get out of the way before all is ruined. :P

      I only like knowing the ending when it's my own work, that way I know where to head b/c I can never follow outlines. :)

    10. Well, of course! You kind of have to know where you're going. Or not. Point is, you're own works obviously don't count.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! I hope you enjoyed doing A Novel Idea this week and continue coming back to join in! :) I will be posting new questions on Saturday, so be sure to check back on my blog and join in!! :)
    I think that Arthur sounds like a great character, and I really hope to learn more about him in the future!!
    Ashley @ Ashley Aspires

    1. Thank YOU for doing this. I love the idea of it. It sounds like it will be helpful and fun to do. :) I will definitely join in again!

      I hope to use this link-up to explore more of Arthur's story (something I've been wanting to do for a while now) so I can figure things out for November, which I hope will be dedicate to writing his story! :)