Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Novel Idea 7/26/14

A Novel Idea

Here's my answers to this week's A Novel Idea questions hosted by Ashley Aspires. :)

(Learn more about A Novel Idea and last week's questions here.) 

This week focuses more on background of characters. I haven't developed enough about Arthur Benedict Williams yet, so I'm switching it up and answering about two characters (yes, that's right two) I created a few years ago. Their story is finished though in need of an edit, so I figured A Novel Idea might be able to help me out with tying up loose ends with this story.

As of right now, I only have a sort-of title for the story. It's called Sailboats and Stars and most of the work is based on Owl City/Adam Young's musical work. (I promise I'm not too obsessed but I was rather bored in the back of my high school math classes so this happened). It's about two friends reunited after years apart. Thus begins a whirlwind year of adventures and dreaming. 

Let me introduce Adam Bird and Juliet Ford :)


1. Where were they born? In a hospital, in their home, what city?
In a hospital in the next city over (their town is a bit small to have a hospital). I don't have real name for cities and towns in the story but it's along the Eastern coast of America.

2. Where do they live now?
A small town called Port Blue.

3. Who are the people they are closest to? Family, friends?
Before Juliet moves back, he was closest to his parents and his dog. After she moves in, her of course! :)

4. Where do they go when they’re angry and need to get away?
He goes to his room, sometimes lays curled on his bed, or he sits in the rocking chair. Other times he writes.


1. Where were they born? In a hospital, in their home, what city?
She was also born in the next city over, a few months after Adam was born.

2. Where do they live now? 
She just moved from Alaska to Port Blue.

3.Who are the people they are closest to? Family, friends?
She's close to her younger sister, Sara, even if Sara won't admit it. She has a special relationship with her younger brother Johnny. But she's definitely closest to Adam once they reunite. 

4. Where do they go when they’re angry and need to get away?
"When things get bad, swinging is her remedy."

I hope you enjoyed learning about these two characters. They've been in my heart and mind for a while, and I definitely feel the most connected to them (I like to say Juliet is who I strive to be and Adam is the boy version of me). They might pop in again soon. :)

-Jaguar Hero!


  1. Oooh. I like everything about this very much. The title (even if it's not final), the pictures, the inspiration, the characters. Being inspired by Owl City must make for quite the writing. I'm even more excited for this one now.

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow

    1. Thank you :)

      Oh, Owl City gives me loads of material to work with. It's probably why the story is so close to my heart because I find myself relating to Owl City/lyrics/Adam young in general a lot.

      :) I love you're encouragement and excitement towards my writing. It definitely helps to know someone, even if it's just you, is excited. Thank you.

    2. Of course! Though, I'm sure I'm not the only one. :)

  2. Thanks so much for linking up again this week! And Adam and Juliet sound like great characters!! I would love to read their story sometime!
    ~Ashley @ Ashley Aspires

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for hosting. I love the idea of this so much. :)

      And I might post a few blips/snippets every so often. Hopefully a part of Adam & Juliet's story will find it's way here. Stick around and I'll let you know. They won't adventure too far.