Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wreck It Journal Update #1

I haven't done much in my Wreck this Journal since I first posted it, but I've done a couple things and started a few others.

I've finally dabbled in painting part of it! I planned to paint the cover but I'm waiting until I can do it better (I've been practicing with just paper) But I've done a few others, despite almost running out of black paint! Oops.

So here are the three pages I've mostly completed (I say mostly because nothing is ever really finished, right?)

The prompt was to "cover this page using only office supplies." I decided to use post-its, note cards, staples, and paper clips. All the crazy words scrawled across the supplies are quotes from The Office. I thought it was a perfect fit. I might add a few more "supplies" later, if I find anything else. 

This prompt was to "collect your pocket lint; glue it here." I used dryer lint instead so there's more of it. The theme is based off the TV show, Smallville, which frequently had tornadoes. The dryer lint are supposed to be tornadoes and I painted the background to appear like Smallville, Kansas: farms and corn fields. The words are lyrics from the TV show's main theme song, Sooooooomeboooooooddddy Save Meeeeee.

The prompt for this has been painted over. It was to "color outside the lines." There was a circle in the middle of the page where the Death Star is. As a huge fan of Star Wars, I wanted to do something cool with this page. I painted the planet Endor from Return of the Jedi and added in the starscape in the background. Glitter included (which is now all over my scanner). I printed and cut out images for the Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighters. I drew the outlines of the Death Star with colored pencil. I enjoyed this page and it was my first, and successful, attempt with painting!

I'm so happy with how this turned out. This picture doesn't do justice to what it looks like in real life. :)

Well, there's been my few adventures with the book so far. The lint mess I made with the glue will be remembered, as well as the paint-splattered fingers. Hopefully, I'll do more soon. I'll keep you updated. 


-Jaguar Hero! 

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