Saturday, June 28, 2014

In Which I Remember Camp NANOWRIMO (and also dragons)

So. Ladies, gents, dragons of all shapes and sizes,

Why isn't this a gif?

I have just remembered that July Camp NANOWRIMO starts on Tuesday.



Actual footage of me

And I have found myself signed up with a word count goal of 50,000. Am I crazy? Maybe. I don't know. Yes?

Actual footage of me

Between working, a wedding (NOT MY OWN), and what other adventures July has in store for me, this is going to be a crazy writing experience.

actual footage of me at the end of the month

At least I have a goal/idea/a smidgen of something to write on. I'm aiming to start the sequel to what I worked on last year for Camp NANOWRIMO (even though I reeeaaalllly should be editing/revising/rewriting the first one).

this gif is illegal

Or it'll turn into whatever kind of snippets, scenes, etc. involved with the entirety of this stories many, many novels/stories/ideas. So it'll be about the same characters, the setting, and plot but it might not end up being solely the second book but a work in progress of everything coming together.

toothless staaaaaahp

so basically: DRAGONS.

it's so pretty. i'm not crying, you're crying
we're both crying

Okay, I suppose I will see you on the other end (this doesn't mean I won't be posting on here; I might be around but not as much??)


I'm so sorry. This is a sophisticated blog, I promise.

-Jaguar Hero!

I'm not sorry for all the HTTYD spam (I'm working at a library right now and trying not to giggle hysterically at all these gifs so.) Dragons are my favorite things and it was an amazing movie and I've seen it three times and I have no regrets and it's beautiful. (plus it's inspired me for my dragon stories) *sobbing wails in the distance*

Actual footage of me

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