Friday, June 20, 2014

Fandom Fridays: Far Far Away

Since I'm a Bucket Head, I haven't been able to do a Fandom Friday post since my first one (however, I did say I would only be able to pop in every now and then). Today is Friday and here I am, ready and waiting to explore an entirely different galaxy of fandomity (Is that a word?)

So, let's be off on a light-speed journey to a GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY *cue dramatic music*

If you didn't already guess, I'm talking about Star Wars this week for my Fandom Friday. S T A R  W A R S The big one, eh?

Ever since I was little, Star Wars has kind of been there. Between my dad and my brother, it came along into our household and never really left. I remember watching bits and pieces of the original trilogy prior to the new-ish trilogy when it aired on TV. Ships blaring, guns blasting, and lightsabers blazing. Who could forget that?

I mean, Han Solo, guys. Han freaking-I'm-so-cool-and-awesome-and-the-best-evaaarr Solo. He was quite the catch and for a young girl like me (I was about five), I was in love at first sight. Plus OUTER SPACE. Stars and planets and aliens and exploration and languages and new adventures. Yes, give it all to me. :)

It wasn't until The Phantom Menace when I was officially swept away. Say what you want about the new-ish trilogy: the unnecessary characters, the poor story line, the overall cheesiness--Episode 1 was what brought me, and I'm sure many others, into the Star Wars Universe. Yeah, we had the originals, but the Star Wars fandom was raving at the new movies (much like they are today with the promise of a New Trilogy) and I was swept into the vortex of it all (and also in love with cute, Little Ani until he grew up into a n00b).

Star Wars has been a big part of my life for a long time. From reading expanded universe books to playing countless video games to clothing, dishware, crayons and coloring books, and an entire galaxy of other merchandise, Star Wars will always thrive in my world. I mean, LEGO Star Wars and R2D2 X-Box and the fact that my best friend thinks he's Boba Fett. Haha... :P

I'm both excited and terrified for the new movies. I like the cast list so far; I wish they were going more expanded universe canon. But I also have great hope that it won't turn out like the last trilogy (which started off okay in my opinion but kind of fell off. Still it was great and they are fun to watch). And now that Disney owns it, it could either way. But at least I can consider Princess Leia for a favorite Disney princess, eh?

(and also: Harrison Ford is coming back so *swoon*)

-Jaguar Hero!

Bonus: Here's a picture of me as Han Solo with my dog being a poor version of Chewie from a few years back. :)