Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm Gonna Wreck It!

A couple year ago, I heard about a book called Wreck This Journal. It had sounded interesting: a journal with out-of-the-box ideas and the intention to destroy the book. As a book lover, I was slightly appalled, but how could I resist that kind of creativity?

It wasn't until my recently that a friend received one as a gift and re-introduced the idea to me. After flipping through a few of her started pages and indulging in the crazy prompts, I knew I had to get one too. And so, I bought a copy for myself and one for my sister. We've since had many conversations that consisted of us spinning ideas off of each other.

The first page I did was to smear food across the pages (a prompt that encourages you to use the book as a napkin and to document your dinner). From there, I only dove deeper into my creative juices. I haven't done a whole lot of pages yet, but I have many plans for the book, which includes wrecking it.

Here are the few I've accomplished:

This was the second one I did. It's my hand and my mellon's hand
with lyrics to one of Owl City's songs.
I broke my blue crayon in half during the process. 

I'm not much of an artist, but I like how this page turned out.
I didn't think I'd actually write on this page when I'm angry,
but I thought the Hulk was fitting to take the place. 

This is my favorite page so far. I love Tangled
and it made me happy to think to use her
hair as the continuous line. :)

The prompt was to fold the paper and put it into your pocket
and have it go through the washing machine.
This is all the pieces I found. Oops. 
This is my most recent contribution: a random newspaper page.
Not as random as you think. I also wanted to make it look pretty. 
I have many more ideas to get through, especially fun ones. I hope to do more soon and break out the paintbrushes and paint. My cover is the black one, but I want to decorate it. :)

I think the idea behind this book is fantastic. I love scrolling through pictures of what others have done, picking and choosing ones I want to mimic or altering an idea slightly to make it my own. The author, Keri Smith, has a number of other books with similar themes of creativity and stepping outside the lines of the normal. I might take a look at those books also, but for now I'm sticking with just the Wreck This Journal.

I've seen many people do youtube videos or blog posts about "Wreck It Wednesday" or some other alliterative title. I can't promise I'll do that, but I will keep you updated on my journey with this journal. After all, "to create is to destroy."

-Jaguar Hero! 

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