Monday, May 26, 2014

All Things Seem Possible In May

"The world's favorite season is the spring. 
All things seem possible in May."
-Edwin Way Teale

The month of May has come and is almost gone, and I have failed once more in keeping a consistent blog. Oops. In the words of The Doctor, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Summer is here, even if the calendar hasn't quite hit the Summer Solstice yet. The sun is out and burning skin, the mosquitoes have risen up in swarms, and summer activities have arrived. May will soon be over and Spring along with it.

I posted on my writing tumblr about a writing challenge I've decided to do. I might post some of the drabbles I create on here as well. I hope it helps me gather all the scattered ideas bouncing along in my head into coherent scenes. But I want to dive back into this story again. I won't forget my poetry; those might pop in here and there. Especially since I want to test out some of my hobbit poems for Second Breakfast.

My friend Hannah & I:
at an amusement park
All things seem possible in May, so I'm going to cling to this possibility of accomplishing something fun this summer. Adventure is out there and I'm chasing it. I've already had an almost impromptu trip to an amusement park (see my updated about me page for a fantastic picture while there). I had many adventures today traipsing through wooded areas and eating lots of delicious food at a bonfire (while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes). I hope the next coming months are filled with the same kind of wonder as these last few days.

I've immersed myself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for two marvelous movies so far this summer. Both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past left me wiggling gleefully in my theater seat. Anticipation for more movies that follow famous comic story lines consume me. I have an intense liking for superheroes and these two movies have only projected me further into my adoration for it.

I also added a page called "Five Things," which I borrowed from other blogs I've read. I hope to keep this updated, especially when adventure comes my way.

Between writing, summer sun adventures, and a plethora of books/movies/tv shows to submerge into, this summer is going to pass quickly. But hopefully not too quickly.

I hope to see you along for the journey. :)

-Jaguar Hero!

P.S. my favorite season is not Spring. I actually like Fall best; so the quote above isn't entirely accurate but I understand the idea. :P
My fingers slipped. Oops. 

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