Monday, March 10, 2014

Ecuador: An Overview

Last week for Spring Break, I went to Quito, Ecuador through my school. It was a beautiful experience. The place, the people, and everything we did was simply stunning. It's hard to come up with a few sentences or a word or two to describe it. But I wanted to give a quick overview of the experience, and I might end up writing more posts about specific aspects later (after I go through the mountain of pictures and journal scribbles I took when I was there).

Our aim was to help teach in one of the schools down there called Nuevos Amigos. We would teach different inquiry sciences lessons in groups to two-three classrooms each. My group taught 5th grade and 2nd grade, which are the equivalent to 4th and 1st grade in America. We explored topics such as matter, air, and gravity, and we also created whirligigs. They kids loved it and us.

In addition, because there was a holiday during part of the week, we helped the church as

sociated with the school by putting on a children's program (or VBS). The two days we did this, I was in a group with six to eight year olds. We played games, made crafts, sang worship songs, and heard Bible stories.

We also got to do different things in the country. We went to an amusement park with some of the kids from the school, we went out to each with the youth group, we visited the Equator, and we went to a marketplace. It was all truly wonderful and interesting to explore and learn about.

There is tons more to say, but I wanted to make this brief. The trip was aimed for Education majors, which I am not. However, I still learned a lot about teaching, which encouraged me. I'm not changing my major but I know that I have the ability and knowledge to teach kids in other ways, whether it's through church or maybe another missions trip in the future. But I did find I love kids. I love their unconditional love, their hugs and kisses, and their games and laughter and fun. I would love to do something with kids someday in addition to writing. And this trip has helped me see that and also see the areas of my life where I am lacking in love and care. Who knows, maybe I'll end up being a Children's author and get to read books to kids. :)

For now, "Ciao!" I hope to be back soon, when I have more time to write out all that happened about different events. Thank you to anyone who supported me, prayed for me, or took the time to ask how my trip was. If  there is anything in particular you want me to write about, let me know! :)

-Jaguar Hero!

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