Monday, October 28, 2013

Things I Should Be Doing (Or Should Have Done Already)

The month of October has flown by and I have only written a few blog posts. My apologies. I don't know what could have kept me from writing except my own lack of motivation. Please, please come back! *gets down on knees and grovels*

I meant to update you about the 100 for 100 Challenge, daily whatevers, books I've read recently (though that area has been lacking. a lot.), and the looming month of November *squeals and groans (squoans?) from anticipation.

That's right, November is almost HERE! Which means: NANOWRIMO! *yippee* For anyone who doesn't know, November is National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days (about 1,667 words per day) toward a novel (some people finish the  novel, others do not). This will be my third year doing it. In the previous years, I accomplished the 50k goal. My first year I completed the novel (left it to decay on my shelves/computer folders), and the second year, I wrote the 50k but never finished the story... and it is yet to be finished.

This year I hope to complete the goal again and go on a grand SPACE adventure. That's my plan for now. NANOWRIMO stars on Friday. Things could change by then. I could sit down on Friday morning (as in 12am) and crank out an entirely different story idea. I'm a panster and I can't change it (*coughs* a pansters means I don't usually plan my stories I come up with stuff as I go... whoo-hoo! yeah for random rabbit trails for plots).

In addition, I'm going to continue doing the 100 for 100 Challenge, which shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish with the NANOWRIMO goal. :D

The last two books I read were absolutely fabulous and if you haven't read them or the series they are parts of then you should get up right now and go find them to read! NOW. Go. The first was Glittering Promises by Lisa T. Bergren, the third book in the Grand Tour Series. It was to die for. So beautifully written. < 33 The other book was House of Hades by Rick Riordan and OHMYGOSHICAN'THANDLEWHATHAPPENEDANDPERCABETHANDEVERYTHINGELSEANDNICOANDOHMANMYHEARTINEEDTOREADTHENEXTONESOONBUTIHAVETOWAITANOTHERYEAR. Yeah.

So instead of doing my necessary homework my college, I was reading and writing and swirling around on the internet and writing this post. And instead of updating all you lovely people on my life, I was doing homework and writing papers for college. What a twisted path and evil cycle this life is. ha-ha! :)

So on with the updates and sorry for the rambling, I haven't gotten a chance to ramble for while.

100 for 100 challenge totals for weeks and total overall as of October 28!
Week 1: 5,046 words
Week 2: 5,646 words
Week 3: 5,303 words
Week 4: 5,100 words
Week 5: 2,697 words
Week 6: 4,075 words
Week 7: 3,186 words
Week 8: 1,846 words
Week 9: 3,906 words
Week 10 (so far): 2,150 words
Grand Total so far with about six weeks left: 38,955 words. Whoa! That's a lot. Way past the original goal. :)

Many Happy Returns!
Jaguar Hero!

P.S. Yes, I realize that means Happy Birthday.

Glory to God

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