Friday, October 11, 2013


Guys! Girls! Mythical Beasts!!!!!!1!!1!! Guess what?

For my school, I was accepted to go on a service learning trip during Spring break. I'm going to Ecuador, and I'm super pumped! :D

We're going to be helping kids learn English. In addition, we get to visit the equator and see the architect of old cathedrals and museums. It's going to be an enriching trip. Two of my friends are also going, and we're definitely looking forward to the time together with our team helping those children. There's a lot I have to do between then and now, but I think it will end up worth the time and effort and money.

And hopefully I'll be able to record all the happenings while I'm there (and maybe even some of the preparations for the trip) and let you know all about it. :) 

For now, I'm off to daydream about the culture and scream into a pillow. I'll be back soon I hope to chat about more happenings in my life--and update about writing challenges, books I've been drooling and screaming over, and anything else that catches my fancy (warning: this includes dragons). 

-Jaguar Hero!
Glory to God

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