Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Diner Deductions--A Leezander Tale

The small restaurant that stood under the alcove of the upper tram overpass was dark inside. Leezander stepped through the sliding doors. There was a slight beeping noise as the system identified his presence and species. The sign by the door suggested the restaurant did not serve all kinds, especially not robots or androids. The beeping increased slightly, faulty or confused. Then, it stopped and a green light lit up.

Leezander ignored the stares from the nearest tables. They had seen the system’s twitchy recognition of his species. They soon glanced back to their drinks, but Leezander still felt uneasy. He was different. He knew it. And he hated it.

His eyes scanned the dark room. Smells of frying food and hushed voices drifted around him. He paused to take in the normalcy of the building. It was busy yet everyone seemed to flow together, gathering their food and conversation. It was a relief to Leezander’s mind. After the last couple days of memory loss, he enjoyed the routine of a normal day.

Will my days ever become normal again? Were they ever normal to begin with? He tried to find an answer among his scattered thoughts. But the attempt at recreating his memory just caused his head to hurt again. Blank, everything in his life was a blank mystery waiting to slam into him from all sides. He hated that too.

He rubbed his head, minding the bandage that still covered his wound. The edges itched, but he refrained from scratching the skin. Instead, he ran his fingers through his short hair and took another step into the restaurant. His eyes found what he was looking for.

He made his way past round tables; some hovered, others just attached to the wall, and curvy chairs. His boots felt heavy against the metal floors, and he felt as if the whole restaurant was staring at him. However, the tranquil music coming from the speakers drowned out most of the noise.

“I ordered you a Chocolate,” Emmett said as Leezander slid into the booth across from his friend. Emmett continued to slurp the rich drink from his straw. Leezander nodded. He was not quite sure what to say. He had not seen his friend in over four years, and back then, they had still been boys. Things were different now.
Emmett’s hair was shorter, the light brown strands rippled across his head in waves instead of hanging down in long curls. His face was less chubby too. He was no longer the cute, pudgy boy he had grown up playing games with him. His uniform with the badge and the clean cut spoke of importance and brilliance. But his grin still spoke of the mischief Leezander had once known his friend to cause.

“Engineer,” Leezander said after some time. His voice was low. Emmett looked up at him, his brown eyes wide.


Leezander’s gaze swept across the room, taking in the different groups of people. “You’re an engineer… or in training. Top of you class. Assistant to the instructor and you've already had a chance to inspect one of the best ships in the sector. Yet you find comfort in small cafes with low music and warm drinks. You’re a bit of a loner.”

Emmett stared at him a moment. Leezander did not break eye contact. Not one muscle in his face moved. Dead serious. Then, Emmett smiled and let out a laugh. The tables around them ignored the burst of noise.

“Leezander, oh how I have missed you,” he said grinning. He reached across the table and slapped Leezander on the shoulder. Leezander smiled slightly, his eyes already wandering away from his friend’s gaze. “Spot on, by the way. How do you do it?”

Leezander shrugged. His eyes roved once more. His fingers tapped idly on the table.

“Emmett, I need your help,” he said finally after a time.

“What for?”

Leezander frowned. “I can’t quite remember. But someone hijacked my ship. And I want it back.”

Hey, readers, this is a short scene I wrote about a few characters that keep pestering me for a story. I hope to write more of this in the future (possibly for Nanowrimo this year). However, I thought I would share this with a few pictures I found as inspiration (sorry for any mistakes, it is late, my eyes hurt from screen time and I am lazy. :) Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think because I am dying to write a science fiction story but have only ever written fantasy and contemporary. Help!

-Jaguar Hero!
Glory to God

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