Monday, July 1, 2013

Camp NANOWRIMO and Camp Support Staffing

So today is the first day of July! Hooray, right?

Not if you are entering the ominous CAMP NANOWRIMO challenge. I totally forgot about this and was reminded last night about an hour before midnight and I flipped out. I mean, there were tables everywhere. And fire. Lots of fire. Everywhere.

Anyways, today I was going to pledge to write 30,000 words as my goal. I thought, hey, I can do 1000 words a day, right? Right????

Nope. I got on the website, logged in, created my "novel" (which is actually a rebel in itself because hey I am continuing my current WIP and I don't want to start over), and then I sat there thinking about it... when I just decided to dive deep in and go for the 50,000 word count!

So maybe, I'm okay. I mean, 50,000 words in 31 days... I can do that. I have done more than 50,000 in 30 days for the past two Novembers (and last summer). I can do zat just like Chekov...


 I have also applied to be a camp support staff member at the camp I used to go to. And I received an email saying I was (for the most part) accepted! YAY! :)

So that means five whole days with a campsite full of middle school students and a packed schedule of activities and fun and probably not time to write! The writer inside is screaming because of my decision, but deep down I would not trade it to have time to write. I cannot wait to see what this week entails. I am super pumped to watch the lives of these kids impacted by God. Ahhh so exciting! :D

(and since finding out I am a support staff member, I have just been sitting here listening to fun music and having my own dance party! whoooo-hooo!)

July may become a crazy month (I do have other plans involving Fourth of July festivities, riding roller coasters, family vacation, and you know, working at a library...). But I am definitely up for this challenge. Speaking of which, I should probably go write or some my favorite fandom characters might come after me... oops.

-Jaguar Hero!
Glory to God

P.S. Is "support-staffing" a verb? Cause I just used it that way... XP

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