Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camp NANOWRIMO: The aftermath

Last Sunday (the 28th) I completed my monthly challenge of writing 50,000 words at Camp National Novel Writing Month! Yay!

I was able to take a breath of fresh air and let out all my stressful troubles that had been building up inside of me from carrying such a burden as I watched the world around me explode with fire and lava because I had done it! I had finished the quest! I had destroyed the One Ring and saved all of Middle Earth and---oh, wait.

Okay, so maybe that was not my exact reaction to finishing, nor did my cabin mates and my friend (who has stuck with me this week encouraging me and making sure I wrote before having any type of fun... hhahah just kidding!) respond like Samwise.

It was more of a big huge dancing, screaming, running around in circles congratulations party! Like this...

Anyways, it was awesome! I am absolutely astounded in myself that I was able to write all those words and be a camp counselor, go on vacation with my family, and do a whole lot of other fun and exciting and boring and not-exciting things with my time! Ahhhh! And at least two (perhaps three) of my cabin mates also met the 50,000 goal! Yay! 

This month was awesome. I cannot wait for November. I learned a lot about my characters, my own patience and attention span with writing, and the story itself. And I learned I have a lot of crazy ideas in my mind that are actually rather interesting and somewhat plot-twisted that just might make for an exciting story. 

Now I must gather my dragons for polishing up their scales, checking for bad breath, and also to make sure they haven't caused too many problems while I was gone. :)

-Jaguar Hero!

Glory to God

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