Monday, July 22, 2013

A Letter from Camp NANOWRIMO

Dear friends, family, dragons, and the superheroes that live across the street,

Camp National Novel Writing Month is passing by quickly. I do not know if I have time to do all that I have set out to accomplish this month. However, it has been splendid.

As of right now, I have written 33,530 words. I hope to hit at least 35,000 by tonight. I have nine more days to finish off the last leg of around 17,000 words. I know I can do this (I just need to focus, shut down social media/wi-fi, and hopefully not get distracted by the books piling up around me).

So far, my adventures at camp have taken me to many different times and places. I have jumped around in my story's time stream. I have battled dragons but also have saved them. I have attended pieces of a wedding (oh, it was marvelous), explored a mysterious castle underground, and felt the pain of loss but also the breath of life. Many arguments broke out on the page, along with moments of decision, fights, understandings, and answers to long sought after questions.

My characters have grown Some have surprised me, perhaps not always in what they do, but also what happens to them along this story. One or two have become more to the story than I originally thought. The family dynamics have shifted from my original plan. Even relationships that are supposed to be grounded, aiming toward my ultimate OTP (which is dangerous to do while still writing, especially with my horribly wonderful characters) have grown and changed in ways I had not thought of, in ways I did not know I could even write.

While I do think I shall reach my goal (hopefully before I am pulled away from camp to go on a family vacation, among other small adventures this week promises to hold), I know that I have learned and have grown in my writing this month. I have encouraged my "cabin-mates" in their writing. I have been faithful to my yearly word goal and to my monthly word goal. So perhaps the late nights and early morning rises will become worth it in the end. Maybe all the crazy thoughts, actions, laughing that has escaped from me this month will show its worth someday and not just make those living with me while I go through this camp think I have gone off the deep end (and I don't mean just the camp pool).

And now, I shall stop procrastinating on my story by finishing up this letter. And thank you all for you support, care packages, letters of encouragement, and enthusiasm. I shall return to the real world shortly, hopefully bringing along a whole lot of extra tales with dragons, fire, and a couple of crazy kids out to save their world... again.

Love and all the care in the world that I can muster past my care for my story,
Jaguar Hero!

P.S. I still have yet to eat a s'more this year... and that is making the chocolate addict part of me rather sad.

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