Thursday, June 20, 2013

Drabble Challenge: Accepted

I realize it has been for-ever since I actually had a blog post that was not just a book review. *hides face behind blue and pink Tangled blanket* I am sorry! *peeks face out* Will you forgive me for being negligent and distracted (I blame tumblr but also various BBC TV shows and shiny new movies that have released recently!)

I am going to try hard to keep posting new things and actually do something with this wonderful bit of internet space. :)

So in the past two months (May & June), I made myself a writing challenge to do a "drabble" a day. Basically, I have a list of random words and each day I use one word to write 500+ words of a scene from a story I have been writing recently (the five hundred words is my own personal, daily goal, other "drabblers" have much smaller word counts). Most turn out great, others not so much.

However, I have missed a few days (oops!). But it gives me a theme/idea to go on with instead sitting dully at my blank computer screen hoping for inspiration. And I am enjoying myself and my crazy characters (basically it is a story involving pirates, knights and dragons! I know crazy! You can see ideas I have for it by visiting my pinterest board for it).

I hope that by writing every day I can learn how to write better. And to get all these ideas out of my mind so they do not distract me from more important things (like eating or sleeping of course).

We shall see. And I will try to update when I can how my word count is going. As of right now these are my numbers:
June's word count: 14,841 words
June & May (drabble challenge months): 44,180,
2013 (total for the year so far): 104,234

Wow, that is a lot of words! Ahhhh exciting stuff. I cannot vouch that those words have any substance worth saving, but I am positive that somewhere in there a great idea has been birthed.

Also, this week I am sort of participating (and kind of failing) at a Word War hosted by Go Teen Writers Blog. It is super cool and it ends tomorrow night at midnight. But there is still time to participate if you want! There are prizes and of course the satisfaction of writing. (My word count for this is much lower at: 2,403 words *sad face*).

Well, this has been fun. I hope you had a lovely day and I shall try to be back soon! *fingers crossed that this messy brain filled with dragons, looping roller coasters, lions and tigers and bears oh my, and superman's face remembers to find another topic to ramble about for next time*

-Jaguar Hero!
Glory to God

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